What is Magento openERP?

Magneto is a familiar eCommerce CMS and becomes the number one choice for eCommerce Merchants in the last several years. Today to survive in the Market you need to have a close eye on the overall progress of your online store. As a result, you need data on CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Marketing, eCommerce, Project Management, HR, MRP, etc. Today we’ll show you by using Magento OpenERP how to easily manage your online store and hit the sales goal?

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Magento OpenERP
Best Magento Hosting and Features

Why you need a Magento OpenERP system?

If you are looking to sell your products online and like millions of merchants around the world have picked Magento as CMS. In an online store, selling products is not everything. You need experts such as a store or inventory manager. Though you can hire experts for such jobs. However, in that case, you have to spend a fair amount of your budget in managing your store. In a store with a fair amount of traffic and sales, you might need several kinds of stuff to manage the site. Or just introduce your site with the software like Odoo and relax.

Among many ERP software Odoo is the best Magento OpenERP. It consists of hundreds of business apps such as CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Marketing, eCommerce, Project Management, HR, MRP, etc. Furthermore, it is a complete Magento OpenERP software bundle. The software is used by millions of merchants across the globe. Odoo is suitable for small and medium-size organizations as Magento based tool. Also, the software has great update features too. As per the organization requirements, the software can make Reports, manage Inventory  & tracking, Point of sales, ensures Integration with eCommerce etc. Also, the E-commerce merchants can easily integrate their website with Magento OpenERP by using the  Odoo bridge.

Features of Odoo Bridge – Magento OpenERP

Furthermore, targeting companies of all sizes, Odoo is a web-based open source business app. It also includes features like accounting, billing, purchasing, warehouse management, manufacturing and project management, etc. If you wish to synchronize your products, customers, and order’s information then you should go for Odoo Bridge as Magento OpenERP. Because it makes a path of two-way communication between Odoo and Magento.

Furthermore, Magento OpenERP users can easily synchronize data with the help of Odoo Bridge. Such as customers, products, categories, shipping, payment, orders, etc from Magento to Odoo. By managing things from the EPR the order processing from Odoo will become easier. So, this tool becomes a reliable source to integrate data from Magento eCommerce to Odoo Magento OpenERP. As it manages stock effectively in automatically and constantly notifies you reports on current stocks.

In short, the module will empower your control over Magento store. As it manages the sales at Magento inventory, customers, accounting, reporting and much more.

Benefits of Odoo Bridge

From eCommerce to Odoo ERP the data is integrated by the Odoo bridge. Furthermore, the bridge module synchronizes sales order in real time from Magento to Odoo. So, we can collect more resourceful data to manage our stores. Moreover, the ERP can reduce the human cost by efficiently managing inventory, sales order, accounting etc.

Synchronizing custom attributes

With the help of Custom Attribute of Odoo Bridge Magento OpenERP Extension, you can import custom attributes and options of the products from Magento to Odoo Bridge. In this product management tool, you can a, manage the custom attributes using data collected from Magneto.

Reduce the workload while handling Multiple Magento Stores

With the help of Multishop MOB Extension for Odoo Magento OpenERP, you can reduce the effort and time-consuming management of multiple shops. By using a single Odoo bridge database you can easily manage your multiple Magento shops. For each shop, you can create a separate price list.

Manage Magento OpenERP store in multiple languages

Last but not least, you don’t need to limit the functionality of your management system. Hence, while using Odoo you can work with multiple languages on your Magento store. Furthermore, you can do this by just translating the details or description of products, product categories, attributes etc . into desired languages.

Checklist of features provided by Odoo:

1. First collects data from your Magento store by synchronization store with Odoo Magento OpenERP system.

2. Second It ensures customer synchronization.

3. Third synchronizes Magento categories with Odoo Magento OpenERP system.

4. Fourth it ensures the bidirectional product synchronization.

5. Next, it has features like Odoo real-time order synchronization.

6. Simply you can manage order status from both ends either from  Magento or Odoo Magento OpenERP system dashboard.

7. Next track every sale in real time bi-directionally in real-time.

8. Odoo bridge is compatible with Odoo POS inventory.

9. Furthermore enjoy advanced features like Shipping, Tax and Payment maps.

10. Finally, this Magento OpenERP manages all order tracking status and updates automatically in the system in real time.

How Odoo Bridge works along with Magento?

First, you’ll need to configure the Magneto OpenERP system using Magento Dashboard like any other Magento extension. Similarly, you have to integrate your website with Odoo bridge. As a result, It’ll make a bridge among Magento OpenERP system and Magento CMS. in no time you’ll be able to collect data such as categories, customers, taxes, delivery method, payment method, and sales order etc. For example, every time an order made in the real-time it’ll synchronize the data with Odoo bridge and which will update the Magento OpenERP system. The process is very simple. Next, we’ll try to write an article about the process of Oddo bridge integration with Magento.

Pricing of Odoo

In brief, Odoo has two editions like Magento itself Community and Enterprise. Similar to the Magento Enterprise Edition you can choose the features you’d like to ingrate into the Magento store. Depending on the apps you pick the price will increase or decrease. But you’ll need to pay USD 6  annually for a basic subscription of Oddo bridge Magento OpenERP.  On the other hand, you can download the Community edition for free but in that case, you cannot able to add a third-party extension with your store.

In Conclusion, you can easily manage your online store with simple management Magento OpenERP system like Odoo Bridge. So, reduce your expenses while managing your store automatically with less effort and enjoy being in Magneto with great apps and features like Odoo bridge.