Magento optimised Hosting – Key Qualities to look for in a Host

Magento is a program that has certain requirements to function efficiently. Most hosting companies claim they are prepared for the Mage program. But in reality many fall short. Magento optimised hosting plan is very important. Because of this all the Aspiration Hosting cloud plans are optimised for Magento. Let’s learn about the key qualities of a host.

Magento optimised Hosting
With Cloud you never have to worry about server problems. If one fails, there is always another that takes over. And best of all you never even know this has happened.

Key qualities of Magento optimised hosting:

Should you be on the Cloud?

Cloud is the trend going around, but most business owners are wary about buying cloud plans. The time honoured tradition is VPS, which was the best thing around. However cloud is now the perfect choice for eCommerce according to industry sources. The reason is simple. Cloud gives you wings to expand. In other words, no matter how many products you add, visitors come window shopping or orders you receive, cloud plans do not break down under stress. All you have to worry about is the disk space of your plan.

Aspiration Hosting offers both Magento hosting cloud plans and dedicated cloud servers. Servers locations like California, Sydney, Singapore and London are available for our cloud hosting plans. And we have an additional dedicated cloud server in New York.

Is there page load speed help?

Google has flatly stated that any site that takes more than 2 seconds to load will be ranked lower. To prevent this, Aspiration Hosting had the foresight to include LiteMage in all the cloud plans. LiteMage is 3x faster than Varnish. And setup is easy from the cPanel.

What is their uptime?

And finally, check out their uptime. A host that offers a reliable 99% uptime is best as you don’t want to worry about your going offline while you are away. Aspiration Hosting not only has the 99% uptime guarantee, but backs it up with a SLA.

Choose Aspiration Hosting – Magento optimized hosting at your fingertips. Chat with our sales agent today.