Magento Professional Edition – Enterprise Edition

Magento is an e-commerce software and an open source CMS. It is a great online shopping cart system for eCommerce owners. Also, it controls the content & analytics for them. Next, Magento eases the Search Engine Optimization, as well as, offers great marketing and inventory-management tools, such as the Dashboard Insight. Now, there are two versions of Magento are available in Marketplace. They are the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise or Magento Professional Edition.

Whether you’re an individual using Magento for your eCommerce or a big name such as eBay. Whatever you are, regardless of the size of your company or business. The hosting plays a vital role in sales conversion rates. Because from the statistics the sites with great loading speed and responsiveness win more sales than an average online store. Our hosting is providing Cloud based Magento hosting with great features like Aspiration CDN, LiteMageCahe, and SSD storage. So experience the ultimate speed with other premium features. Such as 24/7 support and free web development with our Pro plans. Moreover, we’re offering free SSL with our great Magento SSD hosting plans

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magento professional edition
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Magento Professional Edition – What is Magento Enterprise?

Magento professional or Enterprise edition is a platform which uses a cloud to offer unique and interactive shopping experiences. So, you can experience great features by using third-party extensions. On the other hand, the CMS offers great customization features. For example, it can lift the sales conversion rates automatically by displaying products, promotions, and pricing to the customers. Simply depending on the details such as ethnicity, transaction history, and other information gathered from previous sales.

In fact, Magento professional edition can automatically detect the product to present for up-selling, cross-selling, etc.  It is also able to relate the products to each customer section. Now in their recent updates, they included a new feature as Instant Purchase checkout.

In general, the feature can detect and help to identify returning shoppers. It uses the previously stored details. Such as payment & shipping information. It allows customers to skip checkout steps for purchasing any product.

So day by day, Magento Professional Edition is making the eCommerce process effective and easy. Especially since they improved the mobile shopping experience to a great extent. Therefore, with a simple dashboard, it gives you the independence to easily create, preview & schedule a vast range of products. Also, the CMS is updating on a regular basis to help to boost sales and productivity. By using its dashboard an owner can easily personalize the store and products.

Magento Professional Edition – Features

Magento professional edition offers a simple drag-and-drop interface. For example, by optimizing products by its category one can easily boost their sales. Likewise, it automatically assigns products to the category specifically based on their attributes such as brand, price or manufacturing date. Hence, it saves time for the store admin.

The Elastic search technology of Mage PRO helps to handle physical catalogs. Also, it improves the easy search capacity with growing queries. Consequently, to increase relevancy for the searched product Elastic search offers spelling recommendations. In the case that a customer types in misspellings. Next, it has a unique support for stop words, attribute synonym management.

Next, by utilizing responsive themes you can easily build a website for any device. As the responsive themes ensure how menus, pictures, checkout and other features are displayed on various devices. All together you’ll find 1000’s of Mage themes which are touch-friendly, easy to customize and offer SEO benefits.

Again, the Magento professional edition offers integrated B2B functionality. So, it gives a new experience to your clients. As it boosts the faith of customers, low cost and drives new success. Now create company accounts based on roles with easy to use tools to improve your relationships with clients.

Further, the online payment features direct payment to the store’s personal online account. It ensures the buyer receives contract terms while purchasing, which has a great positive effect on sales.

Magento Professional Edition – Why to use the Enterprise Edition?

It is difficult for owners when it comes to choosing which eCommerce site they should utilize. Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms. So, with its popularity, it attracts many cyber-attacks too. However, the professional edition of Magento offers advanced security features.

These great features secure the business from any hacking incidents. So, Magento professional edition has AES-256 encryption along with an SHA-256 a Cryptographic Hash Algorithm. As a result, It ensures the security of the website.

Also, IR search implements advanced search technology with spelling error check, auto-recommendations, carved navigation and many other features. So this helps users to find exactly what they are looking for in the store.  Moreover, there are several other things which differentiate Magento Professional Edition than other eCommerce platforms.

Benefits of using Magento Professional Edition

Magento professional edition offers an exceptional adaptability to create the great customer experience. So, the edition provides the tools to the businesses to create an incredible online shopping experience for the clients.

Simply by using great extensions, developers can build a store perfect to use for customers.  Also, it is a modern tech bundle that uses the renowned framework while, on the other hand, support industry standards. So, the architecture supports easy edits such as adding or removing any product.

In particular, this edition supports 33 global languages. On backup, a team is available 24/7 to help and resolve an issue. As the customers’ data is the most vital information to maintain. Thus, it has improved the security features to great extent. However, with Magento Professional Edition, you are on the safe side with data. Moreover, it comes with strict integrations of payment method like Paypal, WorldPay, etc.

Magento Professional Edition– Basic differences with Magento CE

The CE version is free of cost while the Magento professional edition is not, However, PE has a variety of features which free edition fails to offer. Built-in security which can help your business documents and files secured. Also, the advanced customer support and targeting helps you to target your desired customers, as well as, helping to boost sales. By using an advanced catalog system it helps your customers to choose from a  variety of products. Other features like a call center and assisted shopping give an extra edge to customers to complete their purchase efficiently, while making fewer errors. All these features are available with Magento Professional Edition (Enterprise edition) which Community Edition fails to provide.


Magento Professional Edition is more often compared to the other version, Magento Community Edition. As the CE is free to download and requires less time for customization.

However, the Professional Edition requires high skilled Magento developers to build the site. The Edition is not free to use and requires a good sum of money to buy and build on. Due to High-end security and integrated customer support makes it outstanding out in the market.

As of 2017 Magento has a market share of 28% and is world’s one of the leading eCommerce site.