Magento SEO Tips to Improve your Store Performance

The majority of the traffic that comes to an eCommerce website is through the searches. Hence, Magento SEO is surely gonna benefit your e-commerce store. Magento SEO will improve your Google rankings, so it will increase your sales. Although Magento is a search engine friendly platform, the following tips will help you to strengthen your Magento SEO.

Tips to improve Magento SEO

Latest Version of Magento

Always keep your Magento platform updated with the latest version. The latest version provides better security, SEO support, and also other bug fixes.

Optimize product description

Since there are a lot of websites with lots of products, each of your product descriptions should be unique with relevant keywords. If you use the same description mentioned by the manufacturer, then Google will view it as a duplicate content. Therefore, your website will be penalized automatically. 

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Meta description and Title

You should make sure that every product page has an attractive title and description with proper keywords. This helps the customers to understand what your web page is about from their search result itself. 

Customer Reviews

Having customer reviews on your page will helps to increase customer’s trust. Customers trust other customers more than the sellers. Pages with customer reviews are ranked higher because of the fresh, updated, and unique content it offers.

Speed is important

To speed up your Magento site, you should enable cache and also you should choose a good quality hosting provider. Your provider will optimize the server configuration for you, so it will automatically increase the website speed.

To enable cache: Go to systems > Cache Management & enable caching features.

XML Sitemap 

To enable Sitemap go to System > Configuration > Google Sitemap

You can configure the priority of your web page and also how often you want to update the web pages and the sitemap.

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