Magento Slider – Product & Banner Sliders for Magento

Mageplaza has selected the best Magento slider extension from hundreds of product and banner sliders the market has to offer. By the means of Mageplaza ranking, which is calculated via Mageplaza scores, rating views, search results and social metrics. Thus the extensions we are going to talk about today are picked by Mageplaza experts. Furthermore, the price has been targeted from $0 to $149.

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magento slider

Product Slider powered by Magento 2.0

Magento Slider – Mageplaza

In the first place Mageplaza is a responsive slider. In addition, it is only used for developers. It also supports featured products, new products, most views, on-sale, bestseller, recent viewed, wishlist and category ID. This  Magento slider also supports admin and also highlights products or anything you want to let your customers see in your store. Furthermore, you can get Magento slider – Mageplaza for free.

Magento Slider – Cartin 24

It shows the products related to Magento sliders and is compatible with other device and any other web browser. Besides this, you can also create unlimited sliders on a page. Cartin 24 also provides easy setup for Magento slider in all page of store. It provides separate settings for individual Magento sliders. According to your order sorting needs responsive Magento slider can express variety of different products. It will cost you around $19.

Banner Slider powered by Magento 2.0

Magento Slider – Landofcoder

Here with this Magento slider extension you can choose animation slides. In particular your store will be more attractive for your customers. It will cost you around $149 to get access to tons of animation slides.

Landofcoder features –

  • Variety responsive slider in store
  • Assist editor
  • Assist OWL Carousel feature
  • Can show image slider anywhere in store
  • Variety Animation of slide
  • Provide 10 sliders
  • Friendly interface

Magento Slider – Aheadworks

For store owners this Magento slider will provide you with many options. With the help of it your website will be more visually appealing, which will catch the eyes of your customers. Furthermore, this extension will cost you $0.

Aheadworks features –

  • Slide statistics calculates CTR
  • Unit tests are provided by the extension
  • Option for automatic and initiated slide rotation
  • Can make as many banners for the whole store
  • Any number of sliders on store can be added by each banner

Magento Slider – Bassiwebs

To begin with the banner slider from Bassiwebs makes the shopping experience for customers a lot more interesting. For example, their 28 effects options it’s the best choice for your online store. Thus, when customers will come in your homepage of the site they won’t be disappointed. For the services of Bassiwebs you will have to pay just $10.

Bassiwebs features –

  • It is very easy to install and manage
  • Fully responsive
  • 28 sliding effects provided
  • Thumbnail and Pagination Options
  • Ability to use custom width and height
  • Manage sorting of slider images
  • Also has the ability to link separate image individually
  • Ability to decide each image target
  • Simple to show, hide and change style of description

Magento Slider – Emizentech

In the first place, Magento slider by Emizentech comes out with extra ordinary features. Hence, this extension does not create any rival with jQuery. Moreover, it is compatible and reliable with any desktop screen with jQuery. To summarize, it features easy accessibility and user friendly behavior makes this extension more useful to use. This extension is for free to use.

Emizentech features –

  • Can be inserted anywhere using widget
  • This won’t create any conflict with jQuery
  • It helps users to add number of slider images
  • Such as it can assign external links if required
  • It also provides the user with the benefit of fixing the width of the images
  • It can be applied to all web pages which is not limited to any confined number of links

Magento Slider – Fmeextensions

If you are looking for a change in your website then Magento slider Fmeextensions is a tool that you cannot ignore. As a result, it will impress your customers more when they purchase it when you will disguise your homepage with it. Moreover, it will cost you no money at all which is a bonus for you.

Some features of Fm extensions

  • With one click you can enable or disable the banner slide
  • By your request the banner will be arranged
  • It can add banners to attract more customers
  • Images on slider are displayed attractively
  • For the banner slide you can customize title and description

Magento Slider – Ibnab

Generally, with the help of Magento slider Fmeextensions you can create banner sliders or carousels placement anywhere with location option. It is completely written in jQuery. Therefore, you will be able to also create beautiful responsive carousel slider. Furthermore, you can customize your banner as you please. This will for sure attract more customers. Subsequently, it will cost you no money for the services of this extension.

Some features of Ibnab

You can select from 36 locations and many effects to show slides

  • It provides locations with the support of widgets
  • It will attract the attention of customers with their eye-catching images
  • Can create banners or carousel sliders
  • Modify params from grid
  • It uses banner slider to highlight your campaign

Magento Slider – Mconnectmedia

Now a days banner sliders are important for Magento 2 online store. And Magento slider Mconnectmedia provides you with attractive banner slider. As a result, customers will be more curious and would want to discover your store. Hence, your store will have more customers which will increase the purchase rate. Besides this, Magento slider Mconnectmedia will cost you around $10.

Mconnectmedia features –

  • It provides easy installation
  • Images can add links easily
  • It is compatible with responsive layout
  • Multiple slider let highlight your site
  • It provides multiple tabs function on the store

Magento Slider – Solwininfotech

To begin with by using Magento slider Solwininfotech you can add variety of sliders effects. For instance, this banner slider extension is a tool for your campaign. As a result, promotions will come faster with your customers. Hence, it will increase your website traffic and boost your products in your store as it will be more attractive to your customers. Here you will have to pay $49 for the services of this extension.

Features of Solwininfotech

  • It has an easy installation
  • Can include more slider animation
  • It can touch swipe navigation in different devices
  • Can control slide showing and animation speed
  • Create multiple sliders on the store
  • It can control direction of the animation

Magento Slider – Webspeaks

To begin with this Magento slider Webspeaks includes tons of animation sliders with more fantastic options. As a result, it will make your store more beautiful which will impress your customers more. Thereby it will increase the sales of  your Magento 2 online store too. By the way this Magento slider Webspeaks will cost you $0.

Some features of Webspeaks

  • It provides free lifetime update
  • Have variety of options on banner slider
  • Integrated widget conveniently
  • Has a smart Admin panel
  • It is responsive with many different advice
  • It contains various slide such as images, text, videos or anything

Magento Slider – Weltpixel

Including Magento Slider Weltpixel is a tool where you can increase your website’s traffic and boost your products for your store. Likewise this banner sliders from Weltpixel will keep your customers always impressed with the store. Moreover, you can get this extension for free.

Features of Weltpixel

  • Planning banners to automate promotions
  • It can insert sliders easily without coding needed with the help of Magento widgets
  • Customers are satisfied with the campaigns, promotions or events
  • With the help of special offers you can get your customers attention
  • It can impress your customers at first glance on store

In conclusion, if you want to attract your customers or want to keep hold of them you can use this Magento Sliders. To summarize, it helps you with many things like increasing your website’s traffic or bring stability on your site to impress your customers.