Magento Software – What is Mage and Why is it Useful for eCommerce?

The Magento software has changed the lives of eCommerce business owners. The out of the box store solution has helped many owners set up their business online. Not only is Magento an open source software, but it also provides a free edition which has all the pieces needed for an online store. This is the best affordable solution for most business owners. So let’s see why the Magento software is so useful for eCommerce.

What is the Magento software?

Written on the PHP platform, the Magento software is often compared to IKEA products. A built in store that you assemble and then place wherever you want.

Magento Software
Magento gets the most benefit from the features of the PHP 7.

Why is the Magento software useful for eCommerce?

  • First of all it is easy to create a brand using themes on the Magento software.
  • You can add extensions to help purchases. Like product recommendations, color and also size swatches, product image zoom capability and so on.
  • On Magento 2 you can even add product videos. This helps sales conversions as your customers can see how your product functions.
  • Faster checkout with Instant Purchases of Magento 2.
  • Helps in search engine optimization which in turn helps rank pages higher on search engines.
  • Open source, which means anyone can work on the store code to modify the store. No infringement of rights and also no limitations.
  • New bugs are reported sooner and solved much faster because of the Magento forums.
  • And also there are multiple marketing reports that help you decide which product sells more, which less. Also you can see which marketing campaign was more profitable.
  • And finally newsletters, shareable social icons and blogging help eCommerce businesses to advertise without much services

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