Magento Tips – Golden Rules to Hit Magento Jobs

Without a doubt, a good Magento developer is the key to success for the eCommerce website. Because with the evolution of Magento and the overall web development trends both the merchants, as well as, clients have became very selective in nature. As a result, the newbie Mage developers are craving to know the hidden tricks to hit Magento Jobs all over the internet. If you have just completed the learning cycle and are wanting to look for Magento Jobs then read the following golden rules to get Magento Jobs as a Junior. We’ll focus on the skills you need to build to get one in quick succession from the merchant’s point of view.

If you’re a developer and want to build a nice live portfolio or sample sites to present in a resume, make sure your first Mage site should look sharp and responsive.  Don’t forget that Magento is quite heavier than other CMS because of it’s extensive eCommerce functionalities. As the competition is really tough for beginners, so ensure the pages and site itself loads faster. So, hosting, domain, and security are always a key to building a responsive Mage site.

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Magento Jobs – Personality

Eat, drink, and talk Magento. Before hitting an early career, Magento Jobs build your character as a developer,  A developer is the person who can go beyond the limits. Here following are the  few skills you need to build or improve before placing your resume to a manager as Mage developer:

Be Passionate

Not only for Magento Jobs but for any job, a recruiter wants to see your passion about the relevant subject.  Because it’s a proven fact that an employee who finds fun in their work and loves their work are good candidates for any job position. Believe me, your love for Magento should reflect in your words. Simply don’t present yourself as Magento developer but be one of them.


Regardless of the type of hire, you must communicate with your client or boss. So, show them some value in the cover letter, resume, in the online or a physical interview. Because development is the integration of thoughts and creativity. So, you must know to express them in every phase from project discussion to team meetings.

Simply, you should have excellent communication skills. Basically, it’ll help you to understand the project itself. So, you can deliver a classic product that meets the client’s specifications. Also, the communication includes careful listening, understanding concepts through questions, and clarification, etc. Because development is teamwork it’s also important to explain your thoughts too.

Be a Time Conscious Person

Though still, the third world is adopting the online trend. But the trend is spreading like fire. For example, Amazon already reached in India.  So, from the client’s point of view, time is money. I would say, set a reasonable time frame, organize your work according to them and just deliver in that time. So, simply learn to set up your priorities. Such as a client that is paying more does not define the priority but the on-time delivery.


You might be surprised that ethics are just as important for a developer as an investment banker or social worker. Respect your job and be responsible. Both marketplace or corporate level clients are looking for ethics as well as experience.  Every day hundreds, even thousands of candidates are getting hired as a junior developer in Magento jobs for strong workplace ethics.


The best products come out of brainstorming in a group of experts. Simply, learn to work together because every single person in the team has the same importance for success.

 “A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” —Mary Kay Ash

You should take the time to listen to others point of view and also should respect their ideas. Building such a skill will help you to land your first Magento Jobs in the earlier stage of the career.


To land the first Magento Jobs, in the early stage of your career, try to get certifications. The certifications work as an acknowledgment towards your client that you can really transform ideas into the storefront. Now a days, you can get certified with online courses, for example, Zend, Lynda or Udemy, etc.

 Magento Jobs – The Skills

As for as I know, I cannot say that I have learned Magento. It is always changing, updating. With the ever-growing Market of eCommerce, the trends are changing every day. You have to constantly update your knowledge of new information about Magento. So, to keep the competition up and running keep learning at least one new thing about the Magento. Think of why the client should hire me as a newbie where else hundreds of experts waiting to grab every opportunity.  Yes, the skills make the difference.

Top Magento candidates must have the following skills:

  • Expertise in programming languages used by Magento. As Magento is a PHP product along with the PHP you must be proficient in the markup languages and libraries such as the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery etc.
  • An expert knowledge base on the IDE. Others expertise on Open source web application framework will pace the development of custom built application and overall development.

In conclusion, we can say keep faith and patience during the learning period and the placement. Keep steady to win the race. Good luck with your journey as a Magento developer. Read our updates to learn everything about Magento.