How to install sample data in Magento after installation? – Part 01

One of the most frequent question people ask about Mage is, How to install sample data in Magento after installation? Here we’ll discuss installing Mage using Composer. Later in the same series of 3 part article we’ll learn to cloning repositories.

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How to Install sample data in Magento after installation using Composer? Here we go!!

Here we’ll try to describe the process step by step in the following article.


1. Let’s begin with downloading a compressed archive from Mage.

However if you used Github to download the archive, the method will not work. Because the URL is absent inside composer.json file.

2. Next we’ll use composer create-project

By using the above mentioned method we can collect sample data both from Mage open source and also from Mage commerce. But remember for using composer create-project we’ll need to use the same Authentication Keys we used earlier to install Mage.

Here make a note:

Now if you’re facing such errors like could not find package either no matching package found, make sure we didn’t make any mistake while typing commands. If still having the errors might be a reason that we don’t have access in to the exact Composer repositories. Especially for the people using Mage Commerce. In such case don’t hesitate to contact the Mage Support for a quick help.

3. Next we can install Mage Sample Data using composer both before and after installing Mage. For the same reasons we need to complete some additional tasks.



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