How to install sample data in Magento after installation? – Clone https – Part 01

By cloning repositories is also a familiar way to install the Magento Sample data. Here we’ll show how to install Magento sample data if we already cloned the Mage GitHub repository. Though remember the method is supposed to mean the contributing coders whom like to contribute in Mage 2.0 code base.

magento sample data

Here note: Cloning repositories are meant to be very much more technical than any other method to install Mage Sample data. So, we advise to use an expert hand to complete the process successfully. Rather we invite you to use our free tech service with Mage hosting plans in such cases. Because our hosting offers dedicated technical support even for a basic Mage plan start from $9.99 per month.

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Please the check the following list before we get started with the repositories method. If following list matches your need, go for repositories method.

Install Magento Sample data using repositories – Checklist

1. In case we’re using Mage Open source.

2. We cloned Mage 2 repository.

Also Note: we can use both develop branch (latest) or the released branch like 2.0 & 2.0.1(stable) to install sample data. But still we recommend to use the release branch because of its stability. On the same note, use develop branch in case you’re a code contributor Mage 2 repositories. Though remember, we must clone corresponding branch of Mage 2.0 GitHub repository regardless of branches. In such circumstance, Mage 2.0 develop branch needs sample data for develop branch.

Methods used to clone repositories:

However following are the familiar process to clone the sample data repository. So, the protocols are:

Cloning by the HTTPs protocol

Cloning by the SSH protocol

In the next part of the same article, we’ll discuss to clone with the HTTPs protocol to install Mage Sample data.

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