Magento Module Script – Install & Upgrade – Part 01

Mage Module setup scripts contain some features whom are necessary to insert in DB. Here we’ll learn to install Magento upgrade database for Mage Module setup scripts.

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Magento Module script – Install and Magento Upgrade database

As we discussed earlier, some module setup scripts consist of entries whom need to insert in DB through module. However Mage Attributes come along Mage 2, CMS pages, roles and various default groups and 404 redirection page are good example of the same. Above mentioned examples are directly related to the Mage Data setup.

Right after the Schema setup the data setup is usually performed. Although both of the functions work in identical way.

Magento Module script – post install – Recurring

As it is necessary to run recurring script right after each module setup. Because we believe in the method that Module 1 should work efficiently if any other Modules need to include later.
For example in latest Mage 2 Magento_Indexer module always looks up for new indexers. In such case it’ll add the indexers in to the indexer_state table. For Mage 2 the path is following : Magento\Indexer\Setup\Recurring class

In the next part of the series we will see that Mage Modules also may have the uninstall script. Also the script is very useful to remove module tables. Go to the next article

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