Magento URLs- Catalog URLs – Part 1

To offer proper indexing in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc. the Magento URLs plays a vital role.

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Magento URLs – Catalog

As, informative and clean Magento URLs (products & catalogs) ensures the proper indexing to search engines and helps them to index as well.   

Here we’ll learn about different URLs and their proper use:

Magento URLs – Dynamic

However Dynamic URL’s are generally applying query strings on the Product ID, sort order or the page. Hence a Dynamic URL is unique and instantly generated process. Here following is a perfect example of Dynamic URLs. So, the client will see similar URLs every time they look for any product under the website.

Magento URLs – Static

Next the Static URLs are basically the permanent address for specific post, page or products etc. So, the Static URLs should be unique and as well as SEO friendly. As the SEO friendly URLs generally consist of keywords or search terms client will look in our site. By the way it can be edited and replaced using Web Server Rewrites. /category/20/

Magento URLs – URL

Basically the URL key might describe a static URL. For example, a product or may be a category etc. Next the URL key primarily is an auto generation process. So, the Mage system generally uses Category’s names or product names to generate the URL initially.

Generally the URL keys are in lower case and uses Dash (-) as the separator.

Moreover A unique well-formed SEO friendly URL is suitable for Search Engines. Finally the URLs are editable and also has the option to automatic redirect if need to be replaced.

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