Magento Vs PrestaShop – Comparision 2018

MAGENTO VS PRESTASHOP – Initiating an eCommerce platform can be puzzling. After all, there are so many platforms offered to you but you only have to settle with one. At the end of the day, it is about which platform benefits you. Whether it is about dealing with a worthy price or a platform that will have a better advantage, in terms of SEO?

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Would you rather settle on something that is cheaper but is a lesser quality deal or something that is expensive but is a better quality deal? In 2018, Magento’s biggest competitor seems to be PrestaShop. While you may confused about choosing a single platform, we are here to demonstrate the pros and cons to help you settle between Magento Vs PrestaShop!


magento vs prestashop
magento vs PrestaShop head-to-head


If you are just beginning, let’s say you want to start off with a small budget, Prestashop is definitely the cheaper option. The monthly cost for maintaining an eCommerce on Prestashop platform will cost almost half as much as it would on Magento. But both of these have a free trial version. So you can try out both if you are way too hesitant.

But this year has been very competitive in terms of online retail stores. Almost thousands of retail stores have launched. In order to be ahead of the game, you must think whether the cheaper option will help you win this race on the eCommerce platform.

magento vs prestashop
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If you are not much of a tech person or are a naïve competitor into the tech world, PrestaShop will be the easier option. PrestaShop is much simpler to set up compared to Magento. But easier does not necessarily mean better. Magento is possibly the best platform when you compare features. Magento offers features and deals that no other eCommerce platform can possibly offer at this stage.

If you are knowledgeable in technology and know your way around the tech world, we definitely recommend Magento. It has a complex infrastructure and requires a skillful person to handle. Whereas PrestaShop has an intuitive administration interface making it easier to use.


PrestaShop has a larger number in the support team. Magento’s support team includes 600,000 members and Prestashop’s include 700,000 members. But most of Prestashop’s members are French-speaking.


PrestaShop has claimed that they manage more than 270,000 online retail stores. Sounds like a huge number, doesn’t it? Well, guess what? Magento has claimed that they manage over 650,000 websites globally! It is very apparent that Magento is clearly the choice of the public. Magento is the most googled and the favorite choice among users.

Magento has unique features that are hardly offered by any other platform and has won over its audiences despite having a higher rate. So there has to be something about Magento that makes it worth every penny. Even then, Prestashop’s customers are growing fast in numbers in the past few years. So it all comes down to what appeals more to you in this competitive market.


Security is one of the most essential factors to consider. You do not want your website to get attacked by malware or be a victim of hackers. Hackers are a common problem in the tech world. Both PrestaShop and Magento have features to offer you a strongly secured site.
You do not want to waste too much time tightening security, for this very obvious clause, Magento is the winner! Magento will automatically secure your site for you. You can remain worried free when using Magento because their team works the best to prevent malware and hackers. They value your privacy and won’t allow easy access to unauthorized users.


This is probably the most crucial factor to consider. When your retail store is browsed by any user, in order to gain easy customer access, you must have a site that pops up with multiple searches. If your site is far behind on the list and won’t pop up on the first page of any web browser, you clearly need to install a new extension.

In this case, Magento clearly offers more benefits. Magento has more SEO benefits that will help your site reach out further to the customers. This is probably one of the biggest reasons paying a higher price for Magento is worth the cost. If no one comes across your site, how will you possibly expect to make sales?


It is claimed by some users that Magento might slow down in terms of performance at times. Due to huge trafficking for their sites, customers have faced issues from time to time. Magento is a heavy duty content management system, hence at rare times, the performance can be a bit of a disadvantage.

When it comes to PrestaShop, performance issues have never been a headache for them. They offer a smooth and fast performance that almost no customers have complains about.
Overall, PrestaShop provides a slightly better performance compared to Magento. But this does not make Magento any less of a platform.

At the end of the day, both are excellent platforms for eCommerce. It is a matter of various users and meeting the needs of each customer. You must first be sure about your demands and desires. For small-scale businesses, it is recommended to use PrestaShop but Magento wouldn’t hurt even if you are a thinking of a low maintenance.

If you are initiating a high maintenance site, then hands down, you need Magento! Possibly the best platform one has to offer. Both have their pros and cons but Magento has more advantages over PrestaShop in general. Hope we helped you choose between the two most completive platforms in the market.