Magento Website Development – How to Add Best UX Features

The eCommerce program Magento is gaining in popularity, especially since Adobe bought the company. Industry experts predict many aspiring features. The out of the box store was introduced in 2008 to users world wide, and slowly has gained momentum. The ability to change your store into something new and unique made many curious business owners try the program, and eventually become ardent fans. The key however to a good Magento store is the Magento website development phase. And most notably how to give the best user experience (UX). This is the only way you can retain customers and help them over the buying indecision threshold. Let’s look at what and how to add the UX features.

Magento Website Development – UX Features


The trend this year is to simplify the design aspect of the theme for a Magento store. Clean codes that load faster on any device, especially smartphones. With minimal features that will not take the user away from the store’s main function, that is, to buy the products. According to a recent study, the attention span of human beings has fallen below the average goldfish. This means your goldfish has a better chance of buying a product than a human being. Less flashy features therefore will help the customers get what they want, and buy what they need, faster without any distractions.


The store layout has always been in focus with stores that offer a fluid layout movement reaping in more conversions. Smart Magento developers understand the nuances of user motivation and how to provide them with maximum user experience. This can be about creating intelligent categories. Adding pop up images with the latest products on sale. Or how to make the checkout process faster and more efficient. Think like your customers and how they will move about your store. Now make that experience better than even you thought was possible.

Magento website development
Make sharing your content and products easy for your visitors.


The right dash of color can bring about mood changes in a person. Using this knowledge to make your products stand out is what will make your products fly off the shelf. Colors will also play a role in the branding process of your store. Choose wisely, and always pick colors that will help your product images look better. Visitors might like your theme, but it’s the products that will make them buy.


Every site you visit has a search box. This helps tremendously in getting to the page you want to see the most. However with products, you have to make the search results more intuitive to lure your visitors. Magento does come with the awesome SOLR search feature. But you can take this to the next level with relevant plugins.

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