5 Reasons to Choose MagePlus Online vs BigCommerce

MagePlus Online is a SAAS plan or in other words Magento as a software service plan. Under this plan, hosting and the development of the Magento store is undertaken by the hosting company. This is a great advantage for people who struggle with the Magento store setup. BigCommerce is also popular eCommerce software. But unlike Magento, it has certain limitations that make it unfavorable for people. Let’s look at 5 reasons to choose MagePlus Online vs BigCommerce.

MagePlus Online vs BigCommerce

eCommerce Program:

Magento is an open source program with nearly 15,000 developers worldwide working on improving the program. BigCommerce on the other hand is a close source program, limiting improvements.

Free Versions:

Also Magento offers a free edition of the program that has the complete store out of the box. Advanced features can be added easily using extensions from the Magento Marketplace. BigCommerce program however has no free edition. Just limited features trial for 15 days.


With MagePlus, you have 30 days to try out the plan. Else ask for a refund. With BigCommerce however, the refund policy is missing.


MagePlus allows you to use your Magento Merchant account, so that in the even you want to shift hosts, you can easily. BigCommerce however doesn’t have a standalone program. If you move, you have to use another eCommerce program and then export all the product details.

MagePlus Online vs BigCommerce
Magento is the best eCommerce program around. And MagePlus Online with Magento makes things happen in a day.

Design and Development:

Since Magento is open source, you can design your store in any way you want. Setup takes 1 day. And installation of Magento 2 is included in the plan. Along with your chosen theme. You also get SSH access so that you can deploy any modules you need.

This however is not possible with BigCommerce. You can only tweak a bit of HTML and CSS to make your store unique. And there are far fewer BigCommerce themes, than there are for Magento.

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