MagePlus vs Bigcommerce – Which is the Best to Choose?

MagePlus and BigCommerce are the 2 popular eCommerce platforms available for sellers. Selecting the best eCommerce platform for your business is often a tough decision to make. In this article, we will compare MagePlus vs Bigcommerce to help you to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business.

MagePlus vs Bigcommerce

MagePlus vs Bigcommerce – Which should you choose?

When you select an eCommerce platform, it should not hold your business back. It should help you to process your orders fast. Also, the platform should provide enough tools to fulfill the best customer experience and pinpoint orders.

1. Open Source vs Closed solution

Both MagePlus and BigCommerce are SaaS, cloud-based solutions. But the main difference between BigCommerce and MagePlus is that BigCommerce is a closed solution but MagePlus is based on Magento, which is an open source platform. Hence, you can edit the source code of your store and design it as per your requirements. With MagePlus, you have the complete control over the design and functionality. But choosing BigCommerce will limit the ability to customize your store.

2. Extensions and themes availability

The number of extensions available for Big Commerce is very limited. But with MagePlus, you can use 100’s of extensions available in Magento store. Thousands of Magento theme available online will help you to customize your store as you like.

3. Installation and Maintenance

After signing up for MagePlus, we will install and configure your eCommerce site as you need within just one day. We will take care of hosting for you. We will update your software automatically after new releases. With MagePlus, you can ensure 99.9% uptime. If there are any problems, our team will fix the issue as soon as possible. So, you don’t require an IT team to do all the administration for you.

4. Speed

According to CDNetworks, speed is a major factor which determines the success of your eCommerce store. MagePlus provides various features that will help you to get a super fast eCommerce website in one day. Since the servers of MagePlus are based on cloud SSD and LiteSpeed servers, your site will load very fast. Also, you have the provision to select the location of your servers. The closer the server is to the customers, the faster the website for them. Therefore getting much faster eCommerce website became very easy with MagePlus.

5. Pricing Structure

Both MagePlus and BigCommerce offers the same kind of pricing. But on closer look, we can find out that MagePlus is providing more features for the same pricing than BigCommerce. For example, MagePlus provides a wide range of SSL certificates to select from even in the basic plan. This feature is available only in the Pro package of Big Commerce. Therefore in the comparison between MagePlus vs BigCommerce, the winner is MagePlus.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the most flexible SaaS, eCommerce platform to launch your eCommerce store, then the answer is MagePlus.

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