Managed Magento Hosting – Why it is Perfect for eCommerce

Although Magento has many benefits, most new users find the program difficult to use. The learning curve becomes even more treacherous if you setup and design the store yourself. Therefore managed Magento hosting is perfect. Such plans allow you to focus on the business end of things, leaving the design and development to experts. Let’s look at some features of such plans.

Managed Magento Hosting features:

  • Program installation done by experts
  • Setup takes usually a day or two
  • Theme is installed by our Magento team.
  • The hosting support team handles all program updates
  • Customer care is always at hand to resolve store issues – 24 * 7
  • Live Chat and also via tickets are the norm way to contact support
  • Plans are cloud based. These fit the Magento program
  • Advise on extensions is given as to what is needed, optional or will fit your store
  • FTP access is given. This helps you upload your product images and also relevant files
Managed Magento Hosting
MagePlus Online checks out all your managed Magento hosting requirements.

MagePlus Online – the Fully Manged Magento Hosting plan

  • Transaction fees are zilch
  • You keep your own Magento Merchant Account
  • No force to use one Magento Edition over the other
  • Unlimited bandwidth to allow peak traffic visitors
  • Setup in 1 day
  • Unlimited product uploads and orders
  • No plan penalty or forced upgrades if your orders increase per month
  • Web developer available to help you in store planning and design
  • In house Content Delivery Network with over 50 plus relay servers world wide
  • Global locations like California, Singapore, Sydney and also London
  • Lite Mage Magento cache extension which is 3 times faster than any other combination of Varnish and Apache

In conclusion, having a managed Magento hosting plan is perfect for eCommerce owners. And with MagePlus Online, you get so much more than just a basic plan. You get a full department that handles all technical aspects of your business. Contact us for more details on the plans, pricing and even more features.

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