4 Things About Managed Web Hosting You Should Know

Thinking of having an online presence? It could be a blog, a business site or also an eCommerce store. All online sites need a host. Managed web hosting by Aspiration Hosting is suitable for all your online needs. Let’s look at some of the features offered by Aspiration.

Managed web hosting features:

Cloud plans

Cloud plans are the only way for web hosting. This becomes especially relevant when we talk about managed web hosting. Aspiration Hosting cloud hosting plans are all optimized to suit different business needs. This includes the Magento 2 eCommerce store as well.

The plans are designed using Cloud Linux, the number one choice of hosting companies. However we have gone a step further in creating individual pockets of space for each of our clients.

Besides the cloud plans, we also manually set up dedicated cloud servers according to the specifications of the chosen plan.

Cache system

Cache is way to lessen the speed of page loads. All the Aspiration plans come with the cache extension LiteMage for Magento stores and LiteSpeed for other web sites.

Managed Web Hosting
Just like the real world… Aspiration Hosting monitors all the servers regularly.

Elite security

Security is foremost on our minds. It is because of this we regularly scan our servers against malicious content and also scripts. We also provide every client with the program SpamExperts.

Another thing which we offer is SSL certificates which are no longer optional. We have a lot of branded certificates that are ideal for different websites.

Support system

And finally we have qualified engineers that are available day and night to solve any issues you face. They can also help you install SSL certificates, set up the cache and many other things.

In conclusion, managed web hosting by Aspiration Hosting offers cloud hosting plans as well as dedicated cloud servers. Check us out.