Guest Post from our Partner Web 2 Market – Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative: Initial Findings and Results

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Web 2 Market is excited to announce participation in the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative. It is a new Magento Community initiative. Since June 2018, we’ve been actively working with our merchants like National Tire Wholesale, Burston Marketing, and Cajun Crawfish. We’ve optimized their mobile eCommerce experience for increased mobile conversions. The findings are thrilling.

We want you to know about this initiative and additionally share with you optimization trends we have already discovered. We are actively seeking merchants who are interested in running optimization tests on your site. Please contact us if you would like to learn even more.

About the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative is a collaboration between MagentoPayPal, and HiConversion. The goal is to close the gap between mobile and desktop conversion performance while ultimately growing mCommerce revenue for merchants.

All sites and their buyers are unique. This program will not set a rigid set of best practices. The results include a large-scale eCommerce optimization experiment tested over multiple sites. Also, these are the kind of results that are hard to come by through individual efforts.

Addressing the Mobile Gap

Mobile traffic continues to climb. In contrast, mobile conversions continue to be the lowest across all devices. According to Barilliance, some 86% of mobile shoppers abandon shopping carts during checkout.

Our hope is through a combined effort, we can discover why the mCommerce gap exists while also finding new strategies for elevating mCommerce revenue as a whole.

How Does the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative Work?

The tests will be placed on merchant sites through an adaptive experience optimization software called, HiConversion. Without much effort on your part, HiConversion will implement subtle changes (tests) to your site that improve the user experience.

HiConversion detects activity and behavior and deploys tests based on machine learning. The result is a hyper-optimized eCommerce experience.

We currently offer nine test templates that merchants can choose to place on their sites. These include:

  1. Streamlined Cart Header

  2. Zip Code Autofill

  3. Credit Card Auto Detect

  4. Magento PayPal Injection

  5. Checkout Button Floater

  6. Checkout Button Security Lock

  7. Mini Cart Checkout Button

  8. Collapsible Discount Codes

  9. Mobile Phone Input

As all merchant sites are different, the results of these measures will depend largely on the unique needs of each individual buyer and merchant site.

Results of Mobile Optimization Tests to Date

To date, we have completed 18 tests across four merchant sites. Below is a brief description of these experiments. More can be found here: Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative page.

 Security Icon Placement

mobile optimization

Security is a top concern for online shoppers – particularly when it comes to sharing their personal details and credit card information in the checkout process.

This test explores whether the presence of a security icon in the checkout p will positively or negatively impact mobile conversions.

This specific test has resulted in an overall RPV (revenue per visitor) lift of 17% for mobile devices. It is a huge projected revenue bump if your mobile RPV needs help.

Credit Card Auto Detect

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Any kind of friction, check boxes, or form fields can lead to shopping cart abandonment. If you remove the need to pick the credit-card company, it eliminates one such step.

This strategy aims to reduce friction by auto-selecting the credit-card type based on the first few numbers of the card.

Although meant to reduce the number of fields to fill at checkout, the credit-card auto detect had an RPV lift of 21.53% for desktop but had a 7.99% drop for mobile users.

As some merchants had a positive lift for mobile with this test, we also recommend testing it out to determine if this will work for you.

Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative!

The mobile eCommerce optimization initiative has just begun. The dataset will keep growing, offering more significant test results all while we continue to test.

Get involved in building the future of mCommerce Get in touch with us now. In the meantime, check out the results of the tests to date. We promise surprising results.

Have any questions?  We’re happy to share our experience.