Why Aspiration’s new MagePlus Online is Perfect for Magento users

Are you a Magento user looking to setup shop, the easy way? Look no further than Aspiration Hosting’s new MagePlus Online. Our cloud hosting plan gives Magento business owners the freedom they always are looking for. Let’s check out what the plan offers to Magento owners.

New MagePlus

The new MagePlus Online Features:

  • Cloud hosting with a difference. Our hosting plan isn’t just space on the cloud. But instead you get compartments to store your products with individualized resources for usage. With the Aspiration Hosting plan, you never have to fear someone else encroaching on your space.
  • Cloud Linux on all the servers because we know they are the industry best. And also since Cloud Linux allows us to create individualized spaces for our customers.
  • SSD hard disks for storage. These drives are known to be 20 times faster than SATA. Starting from 10GB all the way to 60GB.
  • Adequate RAM from 2GB to 4GB as we all know how resource hog the Magento program is.
  • Optimized especially for the Magento 2 program.
  • LiteMage – the Magento cache extension. We know store speed is important as Google ranks faster sites higher. LiteMage is 3 times faster and more efficient than even the Apache, Nginx and Varnish combo.
  • Store is setup in a day. You heard it right. Just give us 1 day to setup your Magento 2 store.
  • Regular back up of the store using different methods. This will help you experiment with extensions without worrying about consequences. This becomes especially relevant when certain extensions cause SEO problems.
  • Free web transfer if you have products and other custom features you would like to export to your Magento store.
  • 0% transaction fees. Therefore you never have to worry about additional costs. What you pay for the plan is what you will ever pay for the plan.
  • Free Magento 2 install, handled by our Magento experts.
  • Also all program upgrades handled by our team.
  • 24 x 7 customer priority support using our ticket system and Live Chat. Our support people are all Magento and Cloud Linux server experts and can handle every problem that might arise.
  • 99% guaranteed Uptime with SLA. As we know how important selling 24 hours means to an online business.
  • And finally, but not the least, we also install your chosen theme for you. In short you get a complete workable store with MagePlus Online.
Our Sales Agents are always available to answer your questions.