Why Optimized Cloud Hosting Is The Best For Magento

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It has 237,834 active sites according to builtwith.com. To get the maximum website experience for the customers,  Magento optimized cloud hosting is needed. With it, you don’t have to worry about risks like slow loading times and also dropped connections.  Let’s see some of the benefits of such plans.

optimized cloud hosting for magento

Why Optimized Cloud Hosting Is The Best For Magento

1. Improved Performance

Optimized cloud hosting will provide your customers the best experience throughout all browsers and locations. Since speed is the major factor which affects the sales revenue of your eCommerce site, it is very important to get an optimized Magento hosting.

2. Customer retention

According to Kissmetrics website speed and also performance is a major factor which will help to get customers an retain them. So if you want to get the customer lifetime value, then it is very important to optimize your website for the maximum performance.

3. SEO

New Google Seach Engine Algorithms place gives more importance to site speed. That means, if your site doesn’t load fast enough then you site ranking will go down and optimized Magento hosting will make sure that your site will load faster and more effectively and thereby better ranking in Google SERP.

4. Competitive Edge

In this saturated market, choosing a good host is difficult. However a host that goes out of the way to give your customers the best possible experience is good. When you give your customers a personal browsing experience, you come memorable for all the right reasons.

How Aspiration provides the best optimized hosting for Magento

1. LiteMage Cache

Page Cache allows you to save a portion of the web page on the visitor’s computer. And this speeds up the page load when the visitor comes back to your store. All of the Aspiration Hosting plans come with the cache extension LiteMage (World’s fastest Magento Full Page Cache).

2. Cloud SSD Storage

SSD drives are 20 times faster than conventional drives. This is the reason why Aspiration Hosting offers cloud SSD storage in all the plans. To ensure you always get the fastest performance for your website.

3. Aspiration CDN

Content Delivery Network copies your website and also stores them at different servers around the world. The visitor will download the website from a CDN close to him. Since the pages are downloaded from the servers closest to the client, it makes the pages load faster. Aspiration Hosting has around 50 CDN servers around the world.

In short, to get the maximum performance from your Magento, get optimized cloud hosting plans from Aspiration Hosting. Chat with us today!