Performance Optimization tips for eCommerce Websites

You all know the importance of a website for a business in today’s world. Before buying a product the customers just search on the Internet because everything is available at their fingertips. The first impression of your products, goods, and services decides the future of your business. However, most of the website owners forget about their main aim and give more importance to other pieces of stuff like design, contents, and SEO. Hence, you should always keep in mind that the major goal of the website is to attract visitors and convert them to leads. For that, website performance is the most important factor.  80% of the customers who are dissatisfied with the website performance are less likely to return back to that website. Therefore, performance optimization of websites is important for eCommerce sites.

Performance Optimization Tips

Reliable hosting

Your hosting service plays an important role in providing good website performance. Especially during heavy traffic or sales. So be careful while choosing a hosting provider. Aspiration Hosting is one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

Mobile page load times

Always ensure quick mobile load times because a major percentage of sales occurs through mobile phones. A tip for quick load times is to minimize the amount of javascript needed to render a page. Always try to compress the Javascript files to remove extra spaces so that you can reduce the load times. 

Performance Optimization


A Content Delivery Network consists of a group of optimized servers around the world. Hence, it serves the request for a content from the closest location of the visitor. This will helps to deliver the data within a short span of time without any delays. Aspiration Hosting provides Aspiration CDN to our clients without charging any extra cost along with our services. 


Caching mechanism helps for temporary storage of web pages to reduce the bandwidth and thereby improves the performance. Aspiration Hosting provides Free LiteMage Cache which is the world’s fastest full page cache for Magento and free Litespeed cache for WordPress along with our services.

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