PHP and MySQL Hosting

PHP and MySQL hosting needs are often addressed together since they directly impact one another. Simply stated, the code (PHP) needs to effectively communicate with the database (MySQL) for the program to operate properly. When changes are made to both PHP and MySQL hosting environments, the programmer or programmers need to thoroughly test the system. Small errors are not uncommon and fortunately they’re also easy to fix once identified. But when you trust your online presence to a company like Aspiration Hosting, you get the benefit of decades of experience powering some of the biggest and most heavily trafficked sites in existence. Depending on your proficiency and level of knowledge, we can also take over key management functions to ensure that your site is properly maintained and updated, leaving little room to chance when considering catastrophic user error. Find out how we can create true peace of mind for you in addition to properly maintained systems by reaching out to Aspiration Hosting today!