PHP Hosting

Aspiration Hosting has provided several options for hosting throughout the years. We’ve watched our world grow, adding new technologies and platforms as they became available and worked their way into the mainstream. To date there are several different options available, including PHP hosting, Drupal hosting and WordPress hosting. It’s important to note that although Drupal applications are written in PHP, we still differentiate between the two and maintain separate Drupal and PHP hosting environments. Each environment is overseen by an expert in the technology that communicates with clients as much or as little as is requested. Both our Drupal and PHP hosting support are scalable so you can lean on the help desk heavily at first while you are getting your bearings, then back down once you are more capable of effectively managing your system with minimal or even no assistance. Our main service and the backbone of our business is web hosting. Whether it’s PHP hosting, WordPress hosting, or any of our other great services, we continually strive to expand our services in order to bring an easily maintained web environment to anyone that wants it. See the difference that can reduce time spent on maintenance and increase web traffic by contacting Aspiration Hosting to learn more about Drupal and PHP hosting today!