Know the Pros and Cons of Joomla before Choosing

WordPress is loved by everyone because it is so easy to use and simple to manage. However, it won’t suit every businesses requirements. When it comes to building and managing websites, flexibility is an important factor and for that Joomla is also a good choice.

Pros of Joomla

A lot of functionality:

When you install Joomla, you will get a lot of built-in functionality right from the beginning. For example, when you install this you will get the options to add the meta description, metatag, keywords, etc. Also, when you create menu items, an SEO-friendly link for that is automatically created as well.

It also includes language pack, which means you don’t need to use a translator for your website.  Joomla! will automatically translate it to the language of your choice from over 70 language packs it offers. In addition to this, you can manage the users,  cache your site from speed and also you can extend the functionalities with more extensions. 

Powerful Customization:

This platform gives you as many functions that allow you to customize the appearance and functionalities. A lot of extensions and plugins are available for triggering events on your website. 



Joomla, doesn’t just give you the tools to build and run your website. It also provides a full-fledged framework to build your own web apps and command line applications. For that, it offers extended documentation, an active community forum, and a full routing system to get developers started.

Cons of Joomla

No centralized store for themes:

A lot of themes are available for this platform. However, there is no official site for downloading these themes. Hence we cannot assure that all the themes may work properly. Also, if you run into some problem, the Joomla expert can be costly and also take time to find out the issue. 

Learning curve:

All the features of Joomla are not as easy to navigate as WordPress is. For less experienced users finding the extensions and customizing it accordingly is somewhat difficult. Therefore, you need a basic knowledge for using it easily.

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