Why MagePlus is 3 Ways Better than Rackspace Magento Hosting

Rackspace is a hosting company that specializes in high end hosting packages. You get a variety of server options like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware and sole servers as well. And although great for Magento, the cost of running the servers is pricey for the average Joe. If you are running a Magento Commerce store with orders of 50,000+ a day, then Rackspace is perfect. But if you are small to medium business owner looking to setup a Mage store without breaking the bank, MagePlus is right for you. Let’s look at 3 ways MagePlus works out better than Rackspace Magento Hosting.

Rackspace Magento Hosting vs MagePlus

Magento as a Service

Rackspace as mentioned before is a hosting company that caters to a wide variety of programs including Magento. However it doesn’t have a fully managed Magento service. MagePlus is a dedicated Magento as a service plan. Optimized for Magento 2 without you having to guess how much memory you want and what type of storage device will give the best results. Best of all, you get three options to fit your budget. And most notably, no hidden costs or confusing billing plans.

Cache Implementation

Rackspace doesn’t have a separate cache for the Magento program specifically. MagePlus however because it is Magento focus, comes with Lite Mage. This is a Magento extension cache that works 3 times faster and more efficient than Varnish and Apache combined.

Rackspace Magento Hosting
In this fast pace world, setting up an online business should be speedy. Discussing with team mates is good, but with MagePlus you get the Store in 1 Day.


Rackspace say their support is fanatical. Which might be true, however Magento setup requires more help than most hosts give. With MagePlus setup help comes with the plan. You don’t have to frazzle over finding a developer who will setup the Magento 2 store for you and then install the theme. MagePlus support handles all that. Just send a ticket to our Magento team and let them know which theme you have chosen. Additionally you can also get help on configuring an optimized store and recommendations on extensions you need.

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MagePlus is a fully managed plan that works with you in setting up a Magento store. Talk to us about your Magento hosting requirements.