4 Reasons Why your Website Loading Speed is Slow

 Have you ever experienced impatience when it takes a few minutes to load website you want to check out?  I am sure that in this particular instance, you would move on to another website. Page loading speed is a common issue for some websites. Usually, people get frustrated if they experience a page load delay. Page load delay also alters the Google page ranking and thereby lead generation. Have you ever thought of why this low loading speed occurs in your website? In some cases, it is due to a slower internet connection. But this occasionally happens. If you are experiencing page load delay with a high-speed internet connection, then it is the time to review your website.

Let’s see what all are the top reasons behind your low loading speed website:

1. Images in your Web Page

One of the major factors that make your web page slow is the high-resolution images. Bigger the size of the image then longer the time to load. Always optimize your images on the website. Some image formats like BMP, TIFF etc definitely reduce the speed of your site. JPEG format images are the best option for your web page.

Adding advertisements to your website will definitely increase your revenue. But too much flashy advertisements affect your website overall performance. Auto download and pop-up messages will slow down your website speed.

2. Use of certain Plugins

Plugins will directly affect the speed of your website. The number of plugins in the website will definitely slow down the page load speed. This usually happens when you are using the WordPress Platform.

loading speed

3. Complex codings

Your website is created with lots of codes. Complex codes will take a long time to load. So your developer needs to simplify your codes by avoiding empty new lines, excessive blank spaces, and also comments. The website stylesheet should be compressed in size thereby increasing the website load speed.

4. Ineffective Web Hosting

Your Web Hosting provider plays an important role in the performance of your website. Never ever choose free web hosting if you really want to do serious online business. If you choose a shared server then you should compete with other website traffic to get your resources. If any heavy traffic occurs for other websites, in a shared hosting you will experience slow loading speed. Normally you choose a hosting by considering average traffic, but if any sudden spike in your traffic occurs this will lead to congestion and slow loading time. So try to choose a scalable hosting services to overcome such issue.

If you resolved all the above issues and still facing the delay in page load then you should change the hosting provider or else you can move to a dedicated server.

These are the few reasons causing your website to slow down. If you are able to resolve these issues your website will perform incredibly well on almost all occasions. Aspiration Hosting is one of the top Web Hosting company. We specialize in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Joomla.