How to Choose the Right Hosting Plan for your Business?

How do I know how to find the right hosting plan for me and my business? Starting up a new website is not very expensive. You can make use of a free platform like WordPress. The only cost you need to pay is for a domain name and the right hosting plan.  How much should I pay to get the right hosting plan? That is the next question you are going to face. While prices vary from one plan to another, the features like the type of hosting, or the amount of resources you’re getting, and the number of supported sites also vary. Finding the right hosting service is a difficult process because a lot of options are available. The main factors that vary according to each plan are,

Type of Plan: Shared hosting is usually the cheapest hosting type while dedicated hosting is more expensive.

Number of sites: The cost will be varied according to the number of websites you are hosting. 

Amount of Resources: The storage space and bandwidth vary according to the plan. 

Managed or unmanaged: If you go for a managed hosting, you have to pay extra amount compared to unmanaged hosting. 

Additional Features: Hosting plans offer additional features like SSL certificates, CDN, Web development support, Phone support, etc.

Let’s discuss how the cost of each hosting plan varies according to the size of your business. Aspiration Hosting is one of the top Web Hosting companies. We specialize in Magento, WordPress, Joomla and also WooCommerce. We also provide 24/7 top-notch technical support.

Let’s see how much you should pay to get a right hosting plan for your website.

1. For new or growing businesses who need great hosting –  Shared Hosting

Let’s imagine that you are just a beginner or a website owner who wants to start to grow your business. Then the following plan is enough for you.

right hosting plan

If you have a new website you can choose our Basic Plan. It is good for up to 100 products and our Basic plan starts from $3.99 for the first month. For a small business up to 500 products, you can choose our Plus Plan. To get the Plus plan you need to pay only $9.99 for the first month. Similarly, for a growing business and up to 2,000 products you can go with our Pro Plan and it costs $25.99 for the first month.

Our Cloud Web Hosting plans are custom tailored to run high demanding PHP applications, especially Magento. Our Cloud Web Hosting runs on the Aspiration Cloud Platform which delivers the benefit of our Cloud at an affordable price. This allows us to scale our capacity and also store multiple copies of your data for improved redundancy. Click here to know more about our Cloud Hosting plan.

2. For successful businesses who want the best in speed, security and scalability –  Dedicated Hosting

Now think that you are running a successful website. Then the below-shown plans are the best option for you.

right hosting plan

Our 4GB Cloud server will be the right hosting plan for up to 500 orders per day and 8GB Cloud server for up to 1,000 orders a day. Similarly, 12GB Cloud server for up to 5,000 orders a day. With all these plans we provide 24/7 technical support through Live chat, Helpdesk and also through Phone support.

All our Cloud Servers are genuinely 100% Fully Managed. We provide a complete server administration solution so that you can focus on your business. Aspiration Hosting has packages that will suit the smallest to the biggest of businesses. We only use the lightning fast SSD coupled with our speedy 10 Gbps backend storage layer network to ensure the best possible performance and disk I/O. Click here to know about our Cloud Servers.

3. MagePlus Online Store

Other than these Shared and dedicated Hosting we offer another service for our customers and that is MAGEPLUS ONLINE STORE. This MagePlus help you to build and manage your Magento store quickly and easily.

right hosting plan

Our team will set up your Magento store within a single day. MagePlus comes with 3 plans Basic, Standard and Advanced. You can choose your plan according to the size of your business. We’ll set up your store, help you configure it and also provide admin training. We’ll be there to answer your questions too. Also, we’ll regularly update your site with the newest Magento features, updates and enhancements.