Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company by Understanding their Functionality

Features of a Web Hosting Company

When you are going to choose a web hosting plan, you should be aware of the features they are providing. Before finalizing with the provider just check with them to see whether they satisfy your needs. Also, go through their customer reviews to know more about their support. Here are some of the features your hosting provider will offer with most of the hosting plans. Hope this article will help you to choose the right web hosting provider for your business.

eCommerce options

You should check the experience of your hosting provider in providing support to the eCommerce platform for your business. Good eCommerce integration includes the ability to manage multiple options by the client.

Email Options

Email is an essential factor for all business. For assessing email options, pay attention to the number of email accounts or user accounts you can create, the cost per additional user, webmail access, email storage, and archive storage, email aliases, and also limitations on file attachments.

Control Panel

cPanel and Plesk are the most commonly used control panels. The web hosting providers usually don’t program their own backend areas. Instead, they use the existing software platforms and allow the users to manage various aspects and features of their hosting accounts. The users can easily manage things like email, FTP, or manage databases and also applications through a single user interface.

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Scripting Languages

Website functionality is done using scripting languages. Also, the type of scripting languages will vary on operating systems. Windows-based hosting might support ASP, Active PERL, PHP, Python, SSI, Apache Tomcat, and some others. A Linux-based hosting might support the same or similar languages, like PHP, but may not support JAVA, ASP, or JSP or specific components related to Windows. Determine the language your site will be built with and also verify that your web host provides support to that language.

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