Self Hosted WordPress Blog – What this actually Means for You

According to industry experts, WordPress has captured the hearts of nearly half of the world’s sites. With self hosted WordPress blog taking the lead. And all this is because WordPress offers its users something unique. An easy to use interface that even people who don’t know much about computers can use. Many even boast that they just started the blog 5 minutes ago. It is that easy to setup. So now let’s look at what this all actually means for you and your blog.

Why WordPress?

If you are wondering why WordPress is so much popular, it is the design of the program. First off, you get a free program which you can use to create any site you want. A big advantage of this is that most businesses create their business site, and then also include their company blog on the same URL address. This helps readers of the blog become aware of the services the business offers and vice versa.

self hosted WordPress blog
You can write a blog on any of these ideas… just think what your clients will love reading about from your business angle.

Why Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Freedom to Host

A big advantage of WordPress is that you get both a self hosted or a hosted version. For people who just want to see what the blogging world looks like can opt for the hosted version which gives you the WordPress program with certain limitations as well as hosting space. However for serious bloggers, the self hosted is the way to go. You can easily find a good host for your WordPress blog.

Branding Ability

You can choose your own domain name according to your blog title. Think about it! What is easy to remember or This helps your readers find you better. And another great advantage Google remembers your name. All this gives you a big boost when you are trying to brand your blog.

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