Shared Hosting vs VPS hosting: Which one is right for you?

Shared hosting vs VPS hosting

Hope you all have heard about both Shared hosting and VPS hosting. In a Shared hosting, your site shares the server with many other sites. A set up from Shared servers is VPS hosting, which offers more space to grow than a shared hosting. Let’s discuss both hosting services and find out which one is right for your website. 


Research shows that if a site takes more than 2 seconds to load, it will definitely destroy your business. There is no doubt that you lose your customers. It is also found that 79% of customers won’t return to a website if they experience any issues while using it. So you should choose a hosting plan carefully according to your requirements.

In Shared hosting, since you are sharing the resources of a server with too many other websites, you may sometimes experience a delay in loading your web pages. But a VPS hosting is always going to be faster since the user doesn’t need to queue up to access your website. VPS hosting also offers more resources and processing power, which will help to boost the speed of your website. 

Reliability and Stability

Uptime is another factor you should consider while choosing a web host. Usually, an uptime of 99.9% and above are considered as excellent. This uptime determines your online presence availability when the visitors search for your website. Problems can arise with both VPS and Shared hosting. This depends upon the quality of the server hardware and software, as well as a provider’s expertise, support, and management practices. But generally, you can expect fewer problems with VPS hosting because of less number of users in a server. Hence in a VPS hosting, each partition can be configured and customized to the most effective settings for a particular website. 

shared vs VPS hosting


In Shared hosting, because of the higher number of users on a single server the security risk is high. If any one customer sharing the server forgets about the software updates or becomes compromised, it can impact other sites on the same machine. The security risk can vary according to the hosting companies policies.


The VPS hosting is more costly than the Shared hosting because the cost of Shared hosting is split among multiple users of the Shared server. The VPS hosting plan comes with more resources, increased performance, and customizations. Hence tends to be more expensive.

Hope this article helps you to choose the suitable hosting service for your business. Click here to know more about hosting services.