Transferring Domain – How can you make it possible?

So are you planning to transfer your domain registration? Transferring domain to a new registrar is not a simple thing. In fact, there are a lot of factors you should take care of while transferring. By moving your domain you can find out more reliable services at better rates.

Factors you should consider while transferring domain:

Research on your potential Registrars

Before moving your domain, you should research the companies providing the support for domain transfer. If you already have hosting support from a company, then you can, of course, move your domain to them for better management. Don’t forget to look for the reviews of the customers before you choose a company. 

Get your authorization code

“EPP key” or “auth code” is required to transfer the domain. This code proves that you are the owner and it is used to prevent unauthorized transfers. The code is a lengthy string of codes and numbers. When you decided to transfer you can request your registrar for your EPP code. Once you received the EPP code, don’t just sit on it. Because some of the code may expire within a certain time period. 

Unlock your domain name

You should unlock your domain name to initiate the transfer process. This is a simple step which you can do it in the control panel of your current domain registrar.

transferring domain

Turn off privacy protection

We all love privacy protection. But in order to transfer your domain, you have to turn off your privacy protection temporarily. Because your new registrar should recognize that you are the owner of the domain. With privacy protection, they can’t see that you’re the real owner of the domain.

Make sure you have access to your admin email address

While transferring a domain, it will transfer all the important emails like the Form of Authorization (FOA) email to the admin email account. If you don’t have access to that account, then you will miss the FOA email where you’ll submit your transfer approval.

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