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As an Aspiration Hosting client (with most plans), you have free access to our OnApp Content Delivery Network (CDN). Using the CDN provides many performance benefits that you can take advantage of with almost no effort. The faster page loads mean:
1. Better Visitor Experience – Visitors don’t get frustrated and leave, and they view more pages on your site.
2. Better SEO – Google places a premium on faster page loads. The faster your site, the more visitors they’ll send your way!

Here’s How It Works
OnApp Accelerator applies a range of optimization techniques to virtual server content, and automatically distributes that content to CDN locations around the world.

Automatic Speed Boost
OnApp Accelerator compresses pages, images, stylesheets and JavaScript, to reduce file size and bandwidth usage. The optimized content is
distributed to 20 locations across the US, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. End users accessing the content get it delivered from their nearest location, reducing latency.

Finally, the content is cached in the browser with a long expiry time, which provides near-instant load times for future content requests, without compromising the website owner’s ability to change that content.

Zero Touch, Zero Modification
OnApp Accelerator requires no modifications to the web applications running on virtual servers. All optimization is entirely automatic, and using minification & lossless compression of pages, scripts and images, will not modify or reduce the quality of the source content. The optimized content is distributed automatically to CDN edge servers in the OnApp Federation.

Speed Comparison Example
These benchmarks show an e-commerce website running on a standard virtual server in OnApp, compared with the same application using OnApp Accelerator. OnApp Accelerator decreases file size by almost 60%, improves load times more than 50%, and results in 75%
fewer file requests to the virtual server.

Original OnApp Accelerator
File Size 1.14MB 0.47MB
Load time 3.9s 1.9s
File requests 52 13

See it in action with the demo site:

To add a CDN to your site, start here:

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