Website Hacked! How to overcome such a situation?

So your website has been hacked. Don’t worry. You are not alone. A lot of people are here to provide help. Also, this is happening to many websites daily. 70% of the websites have critical security flaws. You may always have hackers visiting your website to find the loopholes to crack it.  If you feel that your “Website Hacked”, then the following will help you to overcome the issue.

Steps that help you to get rid of the issues due to “Website Hacked”

1. Scan Your Local Computer For Viruses And Malware

To find the root, you should start with your local system itself. There are chances for the source of infection may be your local machine. Therefore, install a good latest version antivirus and run a full scan to make sure that there is no malicious attacks on your local system. 

2. Change All Passwords

Change all the passwords of each and every account like FTP access, control panel accounts, administrator account, content management system authoring accounts. Check the list of all users account and also make sure that no new user account has not created by the hacker. If you found any new logins like that, just immediately delete it to avoid any future logins by the hacker. 

website hacked

3. Take Your Website Offline

As soon as you came to know about the malicious attack on your website, take your website offline immediately. This will helps to prevent your website from infecting others. Backup your infected website data files to investigate them later. 

4. Immediately Contact Your Web Host

Once you realize that your website was hacked, then immediately contact your web host. Ask them whether this hack has affected other websites in the same server if you are using a shared host. Also, tell your hosting provider to restore your website with the backup of your database and website files they are already having. Tell them to secure your backup before it gets overwritten.

5. Web Content Cleanup And Post Hack Investigation

Now prepare a hack analysis with the hacked website data. Also, review the web content folders, files and their modification time. Prepare a list and check whether there are any recent changes in the folders/files. If you see any malicious code inserted in any of the files, you just remove/repair them.

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