WooCommerce Checkout Plug in – How to Sell on WordPress

WordPress is a truly versatile program that has come a long way from being just a platform for blogs. WooCommerce is one such advantage that WordPress gives its users, the ability to setup a shop and sell your products and services. In fact, 42 percent of eCommerce stores online use WooCommerce. To make the process even easier for your customers, you should install a WooCommerce checkout plug in. There are quite a few in the market that will do the job. However learn what features are necessary that will help you make the sale.

WooCommerce Checkout Plug in Features:

Faster Checkout

Recent studies show that the attention span of humans is lower than that of a goldfish. This means if you want to make a sale, you also need to retain the attention of your customer. Faster checkouts where buyers just need to click the BUY button is a good thing. Shop around in the Magento Marketplace and find the checkout plugin that suits your products and store.

Custom Text Fields

Sometimes you need more information from the buyer than the set Magento template allows. Instead of hiring a developer to customize the checkout form, add an extension. Now you can add additional text fields for the checkout. For example – in store delivery can be put as an option.

WooCommerce checkout plug in
Seeing what you buy is gratifying to the customer – according to psychologists.

Product Images

Visualization is a big subject for psychologists who say what we see directly goes into our brain. Product images does a similar job. It allows the customer to see their product purchases. This way, there are very few returns due to wrongful purchases.

Abandoned Carts emails

Almost half the people who add stuff to their cart, don’t make it to the checkout point. Abandoned carts especially is a big deal for online businesses. However there could be millions of reasons for the abandoned cart. A timely email showing what products are in the shopping cart helps towards making a sale. Nowadays, customers can buy automatically from the email itself, hence making checkout a breeze.

Choose your WooCommerce Checkout Plug in

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