What is the WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin and How to Make it Work Best

WooCommerce is a neat plugin for WordPress that turns an ordinary site into a fully fledged eCommerce store. With WooCommerce you can setup any type of store you want. And with the added advantage of WordPress being on the internet, you can sell your products and also services to people all over the world. To make your store even more intuitive, adding a WooCommerce geolocation plugin is definitely a good idea. However before explaining how to make use of the geolocation feature, let’s look at what exactly is geolocation.

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin – What is Geolocation

Geolocation works just like the GPS in your car or the Location feature on your mobile phones. It allows websites to pinpoint from which country you are coming from while browsing the WooCommerce store. The information gathered in geolocation depends on getting the actual country or just your IP address. Hence both of this allows the store to create a totally unique shopping experience for the customers.

Think about Google, depending on your IP address, you will get the google page. So for US citizens you will get www.google.com. While for UK citizen, the address will be www.google.co.uk. This allows google to show search results based on the country. This means, if you are looking for Starbucks menu, you will get information on the Starbucks menu in the UK, rather than of the US.

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin
Geolocation is the modern way to find places using a compass.

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin – How to Make it Work

To start with, enable geolocation in WooCommerce. This feature comes in built with the WooCommerce software. However to make use of the information gathered from the geolocation, you will need to add a WooCommerce geolocation plugin as well. There are several available in the market, with various features. You just need to decide especially what you want to do with the geolocation information.

With the plugins you can:

  • Show content depending on the location of the shopper
  • Create special product discounts based on location
  • Also calculate the correct shipping cost.
  • Automatically set the currency of the products according to the shopper’s location
  • Use marketing techniques that are location specific
  • Setup taxes according to location. Eg: Canadian taxes vs US taxes
  • Add Google maps for store pickup locations

Some WooCommerce Geolocation Plugins

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