WooCommerce vs Magento : Which is Better for Your Online Store?

A lot of eCommerce platforms are available today. Let’s discuss which is the most effective platform that suits your business. Hopefully, this article ‘WooCommerce vs Magento’ will help you in choosing the best platform for your business. Magento is a standalone product and the other one is a WordPress plugin. Every platform has its own merits and demerits. Each platform’s supporters say they are the best in the industry with no disadvantages. However, you are the one to decide which platform is the best match for your business. Magento and Woocommerce have all features that are set for a new eCommerce store. Both WooCommerce and Magento community versions are open source platform.

WooCommerce has fewer features but when it comes to Magento a wide range of features is available. Magento has advanced security features but WooCommerce has basic security options. WooCommerce can be easily used by anyone. Magento is better for the users at least with a basic web development knowledge.

Features – WooCommerce vs Magento

Setting Up

Each and every business has its own hurdles. But the risk varies with how you handle the issue. If you are a person who is using WordPress already then you can easily set up the store by installing the WooCommerce plugin. So you need not go to another platform. Even if you don’t have any basic development knowledge, you can also easily set up the store with WooCommerce. For setting up a Magento Store, if you have no knowledge, you need to get the help of a web developer.

WooCommerce vs Magento


Here you should consider the hosting cost. WordPress hosting can be used for WooCommerce. But Magento is little tough and you need to choose any cloud hosting plan. For this, you need to take the support from a developer. The initial cost for establishing the store with WooCommerce or Magento will not differ much. But the matter depends on how much add-on features you are incorporating.


Security is a major issue that all website owners should take care of. An online store is integrated with payment gateways. So if any security issues arise it will affect your business very badly. Sometimes it will destroy your business future. Both platforms implement several security measures. But Magento is more secure by offering dedicated security patches. If you take security seriously and you have a developer then no doubt go with Magento.


WooCommerce vs Magento performance has its own pros and cons. But if you are setting up a large catalog with complex or any major custom needs go with Magento. Similarly, if you are looking for a content heavy site go with WooCommerce. It is the best platform if you focus on content first and eCommerce next.

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