WordPress Beginner – How to start with a WordPress Website?

Are you a WordPress beginner? If yes, then I will say you have chosen the best platform to start. Since WordPress is a self-hosted platform you need to do some steps to make sure that your website is up. Don’t worry. This article will help you to create your site without help.

Guide for a WordPress Beginner

Select a domain name

A domain name is the unique web address of your website. So you should choose a catchy and simple name to attract customers, also, it should be easy for the customers to remember. You can purchase a domain name and also you check the availability of your domain name from a web hosting company. Click here to get a new domain name.

Choose a Hosting

To save the files and data of your website, you need to access a web server. For that, you should purchase a proper hosting plan. A lot of hosting companies with multiple plans are available today. Choose one of the best hosting provider and the hosting plan according to your requirements. Before choosing the hosting provider just go through the customer reviews. This will help you to know whether they properly provide the offered services and support.

Install WordPress

Once your domain name and hosting provider are ready, you can download the WordPress by yourself or your hosting company itself will help you.

WordPress Beginner

Customize your site with plugins and themes

A lot of free and also paid plugins are available to customize your website. You can choose the plugins according to your requirements. You can customize the theme according to your business nature. A lot of tools are also available to customize your theme. You can make use of such tools wisely to develop a beautiful WordPress website. 

Start to publish your content

Finally, now your website is ready to publish the contents. You can make use of your website to reach out the people around the worldwide.

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