How to Start a WordPress Blog with Aspiration Hosting

WordPress is an open source program that helps you setup a blog easily. The way the CMS blocks are created, you can immediately start posting your words without much technical knowledge. In fact this is the main reason WordPress is so much popular. And would you believe nearly 50% of the world uses the program. You can even add a theme that creates a brand quality to your blog. And not to mention plugins like Yoast SEO that will help you write better. All you need is a host like Aspiration Hosting that will give you the best for your WordPress blog. Let’s now look at the features of the hosting plan.

WordPress Blog on Aspiration Hosting

Cloud Touch

People who use cloud always recommend cloud hosting plans. You get flexibility and also scale ability. This means you don’t have to worry when more readers show up on your blog unexpectedly. Besides this, you get a wider choice in server locations.

So what does Aspiration Hosting offer?

Well the WordPress hosting plans (From menu at top check out WordPress hosting plan) have plenty of storage and memory to run the blog smoothly. Also the servers all use Cloud Linux. This includes the dedicated cloud servers as well, if you choose them. With Cloud Linux, you get your own private apartment within a building complex, so to speak. And if the server fails, you are immediately moved to another running server. All this happens automatically, so you don’t even feel the difference.

Wordpress blog
Page loads is a major factor in Google rankings… the faster your page loads… the higher you rank…

Superior Speed for Blogging

Blogs usually have a lot of images along with the text. And some even include videos and animations. All this can slow down the loading of the blog tremendously. However with Aspiration Hosting, you get certain speed boost advantages.

  • Firstly you get SSD storage that gets data 20 times faster.
  • LiteSpeed server side cache that speeds up 3 times the page loads.
  • Aspiration CDN which has more than 50 relay servers world

Curious about Aspiration Hosting? Check out our cloud hosting plans and dedicated cloud servers with free web transfer and SSL certificates. Talk to our sales agents (Submit a ticket here or Talk to us through chat) to learn about our plans in detail.