How to Write a Winning WordPress Business Plan

A business plan is nothing more than a set of ideas to help you think practically about your business. Most people however struggle with this process. Especially for those that don’t write often. But having your thoughts jot down and seen makes you realize what steps you need to take. And it also helps you win over other people who will help you with your business setup. Let’s look at what goes into writing a WordPress business plan.

WordPress business plan
Every business you know started with a plan written down on a piece of paper.

Steps to writing your WordPress Business Plan


Having an idea is great, but in today’s world, everyone with an idea is online. So the first thing you need to do is research how feasible your idea is and who are your competitors. Browse around your competitors website to learn how you can make your service different. In other words, what can you give your clients that others haven’t already. Think of Uber and how this one concept has changed the world. And then think about Ola and how the same concept has taken over the world.


Every business venture will incur initial costs. Whether you foot the bill from your own pocket or ask the bank for a loan depends entirely on you. But in most cases a business plan is the prerequisite for anyone to seriously think about your business venture. Another venue which business owners these days are using is online crowdfunding sites. And of course if your business plan is really sound, and you can convey your passion confidently, you will win over investors that believe in your business.

Setting up

Once you have your finances in order, the next thing you need to decide is where you will setup your business. Like in the real world, hosting plans need to be well researched before signing up. For WordPress, cloud hosting plans are best, as they provide maximum flexibility and scale ability.

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Design element

Once you have installed your free WordPress site, you need to decide on the design aspect. Choose theme that compliment your business. And remember fonts should be readable for your visitors.

In conclusion a winning WordPress business plan is nothing more than jotting down all your thoughts and plans. And besides having something to check, also helps keep you on track.