How to Choose between WordPress com or WordPress org

WordPress is a free program that gives users maximum benefit. The open source code allows you to change the program as you require. And if you are not very tech savvy, the features you get with the program are more than adequate for most users. However the one thing that users do confuse about it which to choose – or Let’s look at each of these versions so that you get a good idea which you need for your business.

What is

To explain, you will need to understand about hosting. Hosting is basically the site where you install your WordPress program. is like working from a rented room. You don’t have an office, and office address and your clients have to come to someone else’s house to make contact. Similarly, with you host your site on the WordPress.


  • Sub domain address
  • No way to monetize with your site
  • You get themes from which you have to choose.
  • Plugins also are set.
  • Incline more towards personal blogs than business sites or professional bloggers.
  • Your site displays ads and banners from WordPress, thus earning them a revenue.
Wordpress com
Getting your business off to the right start is important. Therefore you need to know which WordPress to choose.

What is is commonly known as the self hosted WordPress version. With this option, you get the choice to choose where you want to setup your free WordPress program. You can buy some office space and get an office address.


  • Choose your own Host.
  • Can finally earn from Google AdSense.
  • You can setup multiple domains and websites, depending on the chosen plan.
  • Add the theme you want or create a special them just for your business
  • Freedom to also choose the plugins you want.

Business sites commonly use this, along with Bloggers as you get a URL under your own name.
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