How to Search for the Perfect WordPress Hosting Plan

Looking for the perfect host for your WordPress site can be frustrating. WordPress isn’t a picky program like Magento. However with the right host, you can focus more on the business end of things. It is confusing for people when faced with multitude of choices. What features are necessary is often on the mind. To help you, let’s look at how you can search for the perfect WordPress hosting plan without the stress.

WordPress Hosting Plan Important Features:

Check the Plan

The first thing you should check is how feasible the plan is against your business. Often times people choose a cheaper plan thinking that will suit them, but then regret the decision. Remember you don’t want to keep transferring your website files from different hosts, until you land on the one that works for you. Always check what limitations are to the plan. Things to look for are the bandwidth as that directly affect your visitors. Also make sure you get plenty of storage, preferable on a SSD drive, as they are 20 times faster than other drives.

WordPress Hosting Plan
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Additional Free Services

Hosting is a competitive business. To entice people, hosting plans usually come with tons of free services. Always look for plans that offer server side cache, preferably LiteSpeed cache as it is 3 times efficient in page loads. Also free web transfer takes the tension out of shifting your business. Some hosting plans also include CDN which is proven to improve store speed, and keep your visitors happy.

The Support

The final but most important aspect of any hosting plan is the support. Some hosting companies have fixed working times during which they entertain you and your problems. While other hosts offer different ways you can contact them, via phone, Live Chat or through the internal ticketing system. Choose a host that has expert support people on the team. Check the reviews for insight. And always choose one that offers 24*7 customer support, this way your problem is resolved immediately.

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