Why these Hosting Features are Important for your WordPress Site

Setting up a business website is a big responsibility. You have to make so many right decisions before you get the website of your choice. However WordPress takes the element of indecision out of your hands by giving you an easy to create website. And additionally you get numerous plugins to add your own brand of pizzazz. The one thing though that you do need to think about is hosting, as most business owners go the self-hosted way. Let’s look at the important hosting features for your WordPress site.

WordPress Site
Starting a WordPress site for business is easy once you know what you want.

Important WordPress Site Hosting Features:

  • Start with Cloud. Experts all say that cloud hosting plans are the best way to host a business site, especially a WordPress site.
  • Look into dedicated cloud servers. If you want a more professional server that bids to only your commands then dedicated is the way to go.
  • Check out whether they offer free web transfer. Shifting hosts can be a burden, especially if you aren’t very technical. Rather than hiring a developer to do this job, choose a host that includes this service with the plan.
  • Server side cache is necessary. For WordPress there is this fabulous cache called LiteSpeed that is super fast in getting information from the server to the customer’s browser.
  • How about the CDN? Content Delivery Network is a way to increase page loads. It is also the easiest way to keep Google happy.
  • Security with SSL certificates. Although not part of the integral hosting, this is an important feature that the best hosts provide. SSL certificates are no longer optional, and give your company website an additional layer of security than the old HTTP provided.

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