WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks That We Should Perform Regularly

As you all know almost everything we own requires maintenance. Similarly, your website also needs maintenance for it to operate smoothly. For creating a successful website, a lot of work should be done behind the screen. A website includes hosting, plugins, software, themes, your own content, text, images, etc. All these together make a beautiful website. In order for a website to achieve full potential, you need to perform some slot of regular website maintenance. 

WordPress is an amazing platform to run your business. It is easy to use, flexible, affordable and highly extensible. Still, the WordPress website requires ongoing maintenance. But the good news is, it is easy to perform WordPress website maintenance. With little effort we will help you smoothly operate your site. Before going to the maintenance task, you have to identify the performance of your site. A lot of tools are available to test your website performance. For example “Pingdom tool”, it will help you to monitor your site loading speed periodically. Another factor is how often should you perform the maintenance task. If you are running a website with good traffic then you should perform the task every 3 months. Similarly, for a website with low traffic, maintenance should be done in every 6 months.  

WordPress Website Maintenance Task

Backup your Website

Backing up your website on a regular basis will save you if something really unexpected happens. There are a lot of reasons that make WordPress an awesome platform to build a website. One of the reasons happens to be its ability to completely back your site without any trouble. Back up plugins are available, so you need not worry about doing backups. UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the backups and restoration. UpdraftPlus helps you to schedule the backups so that they occur automatically. A lot of other plugins are also available for you. You can choose any according to your wish. 

website maintenance

Update your Files

It is very important to keep your WordPress site updated. Some sites use a lot of plugins and themes that are outdated. This will result in poor site performance. Even you should pay attention to minor updates. Because they are reserved for critical bugs and patching security vulnerabilities. Always try to remove the files that are no longer used. 

Check for Broken links

While adding contents to our website we used to add some external links. These links may stop working over time. Broken links will create a negative effect on your website. It will also affect your search results. It is difficult for you to find these broken links manually. WordPress provides a plugin called  WP Broken Link Status Checker to find out the broken links in your site. 

Optimize your Database

WordPress database stores all your website content and over time this database will have a lot of data. It may also include unwanted data. This will affect your site’s performance because a large database takes longer for your server to retrieve information. Hence, you should optimize your database in order to fix the issue. WordPress makes this process easy with  WP-Optimize plugin.

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