Everything You Should Know About WordPress Website Backups

The main problem everyone is facing now is security issues. Just imagine that you had built a beautiful WordPress website with high-quality contents and your website is smoothly running with good traffic. Now, all of a sudden if your website got hacked then what will be your reaction? If your website had proper backups then you shouldn’t worry. However, if the situation is not like that then what will you do? Will you be able to afford such a situation? In this article let’s discuss everything you need to know about WordPress website backups.

As you all know a website relies on a lot of data and also files. These files and data are required to restore the website in case of an emergency. A backup is simply the exact copy of your website. You can secure your website by utilizing a lot of methods like a high-quality hosting, secure with HTTPS, and also by using a strong and unique password. You will permanently lose your data or vital information of your website if backups are not done properly.

Some methods to backup your WordPress website:

1. Backups with the help of your Hosting Provider

Yes. This is the easiest way to take backups. Here you don’t have do anything. You just ask your provider to backup your website, they will do everything for you. A good quality host will provide you with backups on a regular basis.

If you have a hosting plan from Aspiration Hosting, we perform an additional MySQL Backup daily (stored up to 30 days) and also we perform daily files and database backup powered by R1Soft Server Backup (stored up to 10 days).

WordPress website

2. Backup with the help of Plugins

If you don’t want to do backups with the help of someone else then the only option in a WordPress site is using plugins. A lot of WordPress plugins are available to back up your website. Choose the right one that is apt for your website. Some of these plugins provide scalable, flexible backup and storage solution.

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