4 Important things you Don’t Know about Magento Hosting

Magento helps thousands of brands and businesses by providing the best eCommerce platform. To get the maximum from your Magento website, you have to do many things. Here we are discussing the 4 things you have to know about Magento hosting in order to give the best customer experience to your website visitors.

4 things you don’t know about Magento hosting which can improve the site speed

About Magento hosting

1. Magento optimized hosting

Picking the best hosting for Magento is not an easy task. Especially since all servers are not suitable for Magento hosting. To get the optimum output from the hosting, you have to consider choosing Magneto optimized hosting. Aspiration Hosting is providing Magento optimized servers. Therefore, by choosing Aspiration hosting to host your Magento website, you can ensure the best performance for your website.

2. Choose SSD

SSD drives are the fastest drives available today. So, by choosing a hosting provider who uses SSD drives, you are ensuring that your website will load much faster. Aspiration Hosting servers use SSD drives in the plans.

3. Content Network Delivery

CDN is an innovative way to speed up your Magento website. Servers in different parts of the world will store the parts of your website. So whenever someone searches for the site, the closest server will give him the website, which will reduce the site loading time. Aspiration CDN has servers around the world. Using our Aspiration CDN will make the website more than 2 seconds faster.

4. Use cache

Cache is another way which will help you to speed up your Magento website. When someone visits your site for the first time, the parts of the web pages will be stored on their machine. When they visit again, instead of loading the whole page once more, it will be loaded from the cache. Using cache will help your website to load faster. Aspiration Hosting is coming up with the LiteMage cache ( the fastest cache for Magento in the world) which is specifically designed for Magento. So, you can assure that your Magento site will load faster.

Host your Magento website with Aspiration Hosting and give the best experience to your customers.

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