Why LiteMage Cache Extension is the Best for Magento?

LIteMage Cache Extension

Cache stores web documents like HTML and images temporarily to reduce the server lag. Hence cache helps to speed up the website. There are many cache extensions available in the market, but LiteMage cache extension is the best. In this post, we will look at the reasons why it is considered the King of cache.

LiteMage Cache Extension Features:

1. LiteMage Cache is the world’s fastest full-page caching solution for Magento.

LiteMage Cache Extension
Comparison of the Page Speed Loads vs Cache Extensions.

LiteMage is 3x faster than any other extension in the market. It beats Apache and Nginx. And also Varnish and Turpentine combined.

2. Low CPU and memory needs

The main problem of Varnish and also Turpentine is that they consume a lot of RAM. But LiteMage uses very little memory and gives the best results.

3. Fast page loads

LiteMage helps to load your pages much faster because it retrieves multiple content block with a single request and thereby reduces the page load time.

4. Native site crawling

LiteMage starts caching immediately after installation. And also it frequently crawls all the pages so that even first time visitors get the optimum speed.

5. Native SSL support

One of the major features of LiteMage which other Magento cache extensions don’t provide is native SSL support. And also in Varnish based solutions, front-end proxy server is required to add HTTPS.

6. Easy to setup

Varnish and PHP based cache solutions are difficult to setup and manage. But in LiteMage, we can assemble all content from cache, per user, in private blocks, for best performance.

7. Scalability

LiteMage is supremely scalable. This is very good news as it can handle 10,000’s of connections without making a mistake. So your site is never slow, no matter how many people are browsing.

8. Anti DDoS protection

In addition, LiteMage has a built-in anti-DDOS feature. This protects you from several common HTTP attacks that eCommerce websites are subjected to regularly.

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