Magento Vs WooCommerce(WordPress) – Which one is best?

Compare Magento with WordPress – What is eCommerce? 

In the first place, eCommerce provides platforms where it can increase the sales by raising awareness about your online store. Because digital market now plays a very vital role in developing your business.

Before moving forward we want to introduce a very important aspect regardless of any CMS. That is Hosting! Whatever CMS you have decided to use as a CMS of your next eCommerce website. The hosting plays an important role. For more info please read this article, What is a cloud hosting and it’s role in eCommerce website?  Our hosting is one of best in terms of eCommerce business. We’re providing premium features such as Cloud SSD hosting, Aspiration CDN service, 99.99% uptime guarantee, and a lot of premium applications such as OneclickInstaller, etc. Also, all of these services are come with our hosting plans including 24/7 web development and customer service support. Have a look into our Magento and WordPress hosting plans for choosing the right hosting for you!

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Equally important now comes the question, “Which platform you should choose in order to take your business to a higher level?” As a result, choosing the right platform can be a real headache as there are lots of options. Therefore, if you are struggling with that decision, then you should read this article. Similarly, there are lots of platforms as I mentioned above which you can choose from but here we are going to compare Magento with WordPress. In fact, these two have a great reputation now in the online market.

Compare Magento with WordPress – What is WooCommerce?

One of the famous open source eCommerce plugins for WordPress is WooCommerce. Thus, it is used for online merchants of any size using WordPress. For every eCommerce solution, WooCommerce provides all the features you need.

Compare Magento with WordPress – What is Magento?

As a matter of fact, the e-commerce platform tailored to web development professionals is Magento. For any medium to large online stores. Furthermore, with high aspirations, it creates an ideal field for online stores.

For instance, it is really difficult to tell the best platform among these two, as both of them are wildly popular. So we are going to talk about the performance, security, pricing and other information about both of them. So that it can become easier for you to compare Magento with WordPress.

Compare Magento with WordPress – The Features

The features of WooCommerce are mentioned below : 

  • It provides a completely free platform.
  • Your own web host is required.
  • It will support unlimited products.
  • All WordPress themes are supported by it and offer a great number of customization options.
  • Has extensions and systems which has hundreds of options.
  • Furthermore to protect your store it provides basic security features.
  • Lastly, it is very easy to use.

The features of Magento are the following: 

  • Community versions are free alongside several premium services.
  • Their premium services include hosting and the community version is self-hosted.
  • Can add unlimited products.
  • It has a decent variety of options and offers a theme based system.
  • Furthermore, it supports extensions with a wide variety.
  • Moreover, it provides advanced security features.
  • Lastly, it is recommended for the people who have at least a basic web development knowledge.

Compare Magento with WordPress – WooCommerce Pricing

Firstly, it is completely an open source platform. So, anybody can set it up on any server they want to after downloading it. Besides this, the premium extensions are very expensive and some of them also require annual subscriptions. Although your web hosting costs will depend on the fact that how big is your enterprise and what packages you’re offering. Hence, SiteGround and InMotion are some quality web hosts that work well with WooCommerce. Anyone of these web hosts will cost you around $5-9 / month.

Compare Magento with WordPress – Magento Pricing

Consequently, as mentioned above Magento’s Community edition is free for anyone to use. As a result, your costing will depend on the hosting provider you choose. But the Enterprise edition will cost you a lot of money.

Compare Magento with WordPress – Performance Comparison

Likewise, every store owner’s headache is the loading time. If your page takes a lot of time to load then the customers will go away for sure. Alongside it taking away your income too. Furthermore, it is difficult to say whether Magento’s performance is best or WooCommerce. Because a lot of factors comes into play regarding the matter of performance. As each online store behaves differently depending on its functionality and size. Therefore, it depends on the web hosting you choose.

Compare Magento with WordPress – Security Comparison

Equally important, every store owner desires the full protection of store. As every customer want to secure their private and payment information. Just like performance the security part also depends on you. Therefore through extensions and manual tweaks, WooCommerce and Magento implement several advanced security measures. As a matter of fact, no platform is 100% secure. But Magento here wins in this comparison due to their dedicated security patches. But there is one major problem and that is the security patches aren’t particularly easy to apply. So if you are new at eCommerce it will be very difficult to apply.

Compare Magento with WooCommerce – Product Management Comparison

In addition, a good product management is something that you will look for in an eCommerce platform. For both physical and digital products WooCommerce deals with it very seriously. On the other hand with Magento, without purchasing any additional extensions they offer several features that WooCommerce lacks.

Magento has features like : 

  1. Product Reviews
  2. Grouped Items
  3. Wish Lists
  4. Advanced Pricing Rules
  5. Product Personalisation

In conclusion, choosing one is really difficult as both platforms have their pros and cons. Comparatively, both platforms are easy to use but Magento might be a little difficult, if one does not have the basic web development knowledge. As a result, if you are a beginner I would recommend you to use WooCommerce. As it is easier to use without any complications. After considering all the factors, you should choose the one which will fulfill your needs.