How to install Magento 2.0 in Mac? using Mamp Pro – Part 01

Magento 2.0 no longer needs all kinds of gyrations to install locally anymore. However the MySQL has been included in Mamp Pro 4x or later versions. So now it is much easier to install Mage locally in your Mac using Mamp. As of now Mamp comes with fully functional MySQL version for Mage 2.0 or later versions. Here we’re going to show a step by step tutorial on the topic – Install Magento Mamp.

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Install Magento Mamp – Pre installation

So far, the developers around the world are having ease now to build their site using Mamp locally in a fast pace. As a result, today we’re going to show the step by step procedure to install Mage using Mamp 4.1 – using MySQL 5.6.34 & PHP 7.0.13.

For the sake of ease here we’ll use the wizard installation instead of the command line installation. Because the wizard has the easy UI and much easier install without having any tech skills.

1. Firstly using any suitable browser visit : Under the download section, download any suitable version of Mage 2.0 though we recommend the latest release.

  • Now keep patience till the download ends. Later open the folder to see the download ends earlier.
  • Right after maybe we want to use a shorter name for the directory. For example use mage2.1.5 .

2. Secondly we need to follow the path to place the folder inside directory:

/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/directory that’s: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Mage2.1.5/

3. Thirdly create a new DB for example: mage2.1.5 using phpMyAdmin tool comes along Mamp.


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