Top Tips on How to Choose Magento Cloud Hosting

Magento websites should be hosted on reliable, risk-free and also the best servers. Many hosting companies are there and choosing the best among them can be confusing. Here are some of the Magento cloud hosting tips.

Top Magento cloud hosting tipsMagento cloud hosting tips Aspiration hosting

1. Choose Magento optimized hosting

The most important thing you have to check is whether the hosting is Magento optimized. Not all hosting providers meet the requirements of Magento. By choosing Magento optimized hosting from Aspiration Hosting, you always get the best performance for your websites.

2. Choose Managed Hosting

Cloud hosting is the best choice if you plan to increase your sales in the future later. With the cloud hosting plan of Aspiration, you don’t have to move to another hosting provider when you need to scale your business in future.

Managed hosting will help you to avoid all the technical headaches of hosting as Aspiration Hosting will manage everything for you. Try our brand new SAAS plan – MagePlus Online. Convenient, affordable and very easy to use.

3. Security

Every server is vulnerable to attacks. Since customers are making payments through your website, it is very important to get a secured hosting. If your hosting is from reliable web hosting companies like Aspiration, your data is always protected.

4. Speed

With the SSD storage, LiteMage and Aspiration CDN, Aspiration Hosting provides the best high speed hosting for your website.

5. Good support

It is always better to have 24/7 support by your hosting company. If you get any critical issues, you can contact them via live chat or tickets and they will help you to fix the problem. Aspiration Hosting provides 24/7/365 support. Our techs are always online and therefore can solve any problems you can occur while using our hosting.

6. Server location

The server location is another factor you have to consider while selecting the hosting provider. In order to get maximum site speed for your hosting, you have to choose a server closer to your customers. Therefore to give the maximum speed, Aspiration hosting has servers on all of the major continents around the world. Namely, London, California, Singapore and also Sydney.


A Magento specialed hosting can be a lifesaver when something goes wrong. Since Magento is an open source platform, it will be hard to find any help if you didn’t choose Magento hosting provided by experts like Aspiration Hosting.

8. Backup plans

Anything can happen to your eCommerce websites at any time. So, it is always good to choose a hosting which provides the backup option. Aspiration Hosting provides many options for backup. So you don’t have to worry that you will lose any files.

After these amazing Magento cloud hosting tips – Need the best cloud hosting for Magento? Check out our Cloud Hosting plans and also the dedicated cloud servers. Or why not chat with our sales agent via our Live Chat.

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