Magento Hosted Solution – MagePlus Online eCommerce Store

Have you ever thought of setting up an eCommerce store within a single day? Can you at least imagine this? Yes. Of course, you can do it! Our Magento hosted solution will help you to launch your eCommerce store just in a single day. Usually, you have to buy both hosting and  an eCommerce platform separately. However, in MagePlus you don’t need to buy both hosting and eCommerce platform separately. Our experts will install Magento and also will help you to configure it. Our success managers will be there to help you always. You can reach us through LiveChat, Helpdesk and also through Phone.

Powerful Features of our hosted solution


Slow loading sites will definitely destroy your business. Since MagePlus is running on our Aspiration Cloud servers, your site will load super fast anywhere. Our in-house Aspiration CDN and LiteMage cache will definitely make sure that your website loads fast enough.

hosted solution

Search Engine Friendly

You all know the importance of a search engine friendly website. Our experts will help you to build a search engine friendly website by following the search engine’s all rules and regulations. Of course, Magento 2 is also designed so that your site is easily found on Google and other search engines.

Awesome Support

We provide you with help when you need it. 24/7/365 topnotch technical support. Other features are that we will perform quarterly upgrades of new features and enhancements. Also, you can customize your website however you wish.

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We at Aspiration Hosting are one of the best web hosting companies that specializes in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal etc. We love creating happy customers. Customer satisfaction is our prime factor.